Poovalore, Thinniyam and Nandam temples, Trichy.  

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  1. Poovalore: Siva temple

    The place is about 20 kms from Trichy.

    Main Deity is Swayambu linga known as Adi Moolanadhar and his consort known as Kumkuma sundari.Teertham is known as Palguni River. Manmdan threw flower arrow on Lord Siva in this place. So it is named as poovalore. It is also known as Manmadha puram

    Importance:Muni wanted to do cermony for his ancesisters. There was no river here, so he wanted to do in gaya. He worshipped Siva and Siva was pleased with his prayers and he made Ganges to flow here by throwing his silambu. So this place is considered equal to Gaya.

  2. Thinniysm

    The place is about 12 kms from Pullampadi

    Main Deity is Sundareswarar and his consort Periya nayaki ammai.

    ImportanceSubramanaya swamy Valli and Devayanai are on indivudual peacock which is seen only in this place. A belief is there that wishes of one who visits the place are fulfilled.

  3. Nandam: Vishnu temple.

    The place is about 12 kms from Lalgudi.

    Main Deity is Adi moola perumal in lying posture and his consort Adi lakshmi thayar in different sanctum.

    Importance we see an elephant named Gajendran near Perumal and the leg of the elephant is in the mouth of crocodile. One hand of Perumal is on the head of the elephant, relating to Gajendra moksha. They say, this place were Gajendra attained moksha.

    The other deities we see here are Sridevi, Boodevi, Rama, Lakshmana, Seetha, Hanuman, and Nandagopar idols.

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