Thiruvasi, Trichy.  

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  1. Thiruvasi:

    This is one of 275 Siva Devara sthalam. The place is about 10 kms from Trichy.
    Sthala Vruksham is Vanni.

    Main Deity is Matrarivaradeeswarar / Samivaneswarar / Brahmapureswarar, and Balambikaiamman / Balasundari. Teertham is Amalai aru and panguni aru.

    Importance: Brahma, Lakshmi, and Umadevi worshipped Sivaof this place. The temple dates back to some 1500 years old. In this temple we see snake under the feet of Nataraja instead of muyalagan.

    The story related to the temple is, a business man named Kamalan had no issues, so he was worshiping lord Siva. One day when he was returning home from the temple, he heard child cry, he went back to see and found a small baby in the lotus flower. He named her Amalai.

    When the child came to the age of marriage he wanted her to be married to his brother in law. Amalai was a great devotee and wanted to marry Siva. Siva was pleased with her and he came to their house as Kamalan's brother in law and married Amalai.

    After the marriage they both left the house saying that they are going to the temple. After they left, original brother in law of kamalan returned home, only then they realised something wrong has happened.

    They went to temple in search of Amalai and knowing this Amalai threw her anklet back and it turned to be a river and started flowing.

    Amalai was parvathy herself and Siva gave darshan to all the people with parvathi on his Rishba vahana.

    Sundarar got a bag of gold from Siva in this place. We see Sundarar with golden talam in his hand. Sambandhar and Sundarar sang hymns on Siva of this place.

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