Thiru Narayanapuram, Thirukattuputhur and Kallukuzhi Anjaneyar. Trichy.  

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  1. Thiru Narayanapuram:

    The place is about a km from Varadaraja puram, in Thottiam taluk, Trichy district.

    Main Deity is Veda Narayanar, in lying posture with Sridevi, and Bodhevi thayar

    Importance: Swayambu Veda Narayana Perumal on Adi seshan with 10 heads. Here we see Sridevi and Bhodevi doing seva for perumal. Prahaladha is seen here as a small boy near the foot. Brahma got his veda upadesam in this place.
    Story: Once Mahabala chakravarthy Vanarayar was travelling towards Mysore from this place to fight and expand his kingdom.

    At night they had to halt here and he had a dream. In his dream he was asked to take out Vedanarayana perumal under the mud and install, Lord in a temple and after doing the pooja, he should proceed further, and he will become the King without any effort. The temple was built by the King and Veda Narayana Perumal was installed there. His wish was fulfilled.

    Another in the purana is Arayarfamily came to worship here. That day fire broke and the temple with temporary structure got fire and Arayar to save god from fire he with his family lay on the idol and attained Moksha.

    Prahaladha is seen in the temple. After Hirnya vadham, Perumal was in anger. Prahaladha worshipped him and asked him to be in Santha swaroopam in this place forever.

    Brahma was of ego that he is the creator and no one has the power. So Perumal wanted to teach him a lesson, so he created an ugly person and sent him to Brahma. Looking at this person Brahma was confused as to who could have done. To clear his doubt he asked Veda Narayana perumal, as to who could have done this. Perumal replied him that since Brahma is the god of creation it could be no one else. Then suddenly the ugly person disappeared, and his ego was destroyed.

    Brahma asked Narayana to preach veda to him. This was the place veda was preached to Brahma, so we see the right palm of perumal is kept open as giving upadesa to Brahma. There are 4 vedas as pillows to Veda Narayanar here which is unique. Anjeneya in the front pillar is important because people here keep him as a judge for every matter. The temple is a small one but well maintained.

  2. Thiru kattuputhur: Vishnu temple.

    The place is about 10 kms from Thiru Narayana puram.

    Main Deity is Venkatramana Swamy with Sridevi and Bhodevi thayar.

    Importance: The temple is 300 years old. Venkatramana perumal revealed him to Musukunda chakravarthy

  3. KalluKuzhi Veera Anjaneyar.

    Location: Near Trichy Junction.

    MainDeity is Anjaneyar.

    Importance: Anjaneyar is carved on a small stone which was to the road side. When they wanted to lay railway line, the stone was interrupting so they decided to place it in another place near by. After laying the railway line and started functioning there was lot of train accidents taking place in the same place where the removed Anjaneya from, so they decided to divert the railway line to side and replaced Anjaneya to same place where he was earlier and constructed temple for him. Rama and Seetha are there in the temple. The temple is well known now.

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