Kumara Vyalore and Uthamar Koil, Trichy  

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  1. Kumara Vayalore.

    The place is about 5 kms from Uiakondan malai .

    Main Deity: is known as Adhinadha Swamy and his consort Adhinayaki Amman

    Importance: Arunagirinadhar acquired gyana in this place. With the blessings of Subramanya, Thirupugazh was sung by Arunagiri nadhar in this place. The first line of thirupugazh “muthai thiru” was hinted by Subramanaya swamy and it was continued by Arunagiri nadhar. Subramana swamy is worshipping his parents in this place. Vinayaka of this place is known as poiya vinayakar who blessed Arunagirinadhar.

  2. Iyappan temple

    The temple is near trichy court.
    Main Deity is Iyappan.

    Importance: There is no hundi in the temple. There is a letter box which says “prayer letters to God”. Anyone can write their wishes and drop it in the box. The letters will be presented before Iyappan on uthra star day of every month prayers done. There is a note near the box which says there is no charge for this. The temple is full of green plants well maintained and good path all around. Instruction boards are there with positive request.

    We see stones errected with wordings which give importance to mother quoted by great persons. Another special thing is we see small stones collected from holy rivers and holy places all over the world and each placed on small platforms. They have written the place of the stone. Everyday they do pooja to this stones also. They say having darshan of such collection of holy stones in one place will definitely remove hurdles in ones life and make them prosper. The other deities in the premises are Kanni moola Ganapthy, Sakthi- Vinayakar, Bagavathi amman and Navagraha.

  3. Uthammar Koil:
    This is one of 108 Vishnu temples known as Divya Desam..
    The place is about 6kms from Trichy.

    Main Deity: Puroshotama perumal in lying posture and Poornavalli Thayar in separate sanctum.Teertham is Kadamba teertham.

    Importance: other dieties in temple are Lakshmi Narayana perumal, Varadaraja perumal, Rama and Nammazwar. We have a separate sanctum for Brahma and as well as Saraswathi. While we go around the temple we see at the back of perumal Swayambu linga known as pichandar sannadhi in different sanctum. Vadivudai nakayi amman is seen in different sanctum. We see lakshmi , nayanar, Dasaradha linga, Chandikeswarar.

    Purana says Lord Siva to get rid of brahmahathi dosha due to the removal of brahma’s
    head. Lord Siva took the form as pichandar, and was roaming around with a bowl in his hand. At this time Poornavalli thayar gave biksha to him in his bowl and he was relieved from the dosha.

    Siva preached Gyana upadesa. The place is known as Saptha guru sthalam. Dakshina moorthy as Siva guru,Varadaraja perumal as Vishnu guru, Brahma has brahma guru, Soundarya parvathi as Sakthi guru, Dandayudha pani as gyana guru, Guru of navagraha as Deva guru, Sukra of navagraha as Asura guru.

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