Siva, Vaippu sthalam, Trichy.  

Posted by Shamala Krishnan

  1. Kodiyalam: Siva temple.

    The place is about 3 kms from Trichy.

    Main Deity is Siva Lingam known as Rudhrakoteeswarar and his consort known as Komalambikai

  2. Antha nallore: Siva temple.

    The place is about 13 kms from Trichy to karur route.

    Main Deity is Siva lingam known as Vada Teertheswarar and his consort known as Balasundari Ambikai.

    Importaance: This is a small temple and considered as Vaippu sthalam.

  3. Tiruchendurai: Siva temple.

    The place is about 12 kms from Trichy to Karur.

    Main Deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Chandrashekara swamy and his consort Maanendiya valli. Sthala Vruksham is Jack fruuit tree.

    Importance: This is one of the Vaippu sthalam. Siva lingam looks rough like jack fruit. Ambikai has deer in her hand. Usually Nataraja in all temples will be attached to Tiruvasi at the back but in this place Nataraja is standing on single leg without support is special.

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