Thiruparithurai, Trichy.  

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  1. Thiruparithurai:

    This is one of 275 important Siva Devara sthalam. The place is 15 kms from Trichy.

    Main Deity is Siva Lingam known as Paraithurai nadhar / Tharuka vaneswarar, and his consort known as Pasumpon Myilammai / Hemavarnambal. Sthala Vruksham is Punnai tree. Teertham is Cauveri.

    ImportanceSiva in the form of Bikshadanar, removed the ego of munis, and revealed himself to them in this place.

    The temple is situated in the place where parai trees are large in number, hence the place is known as paraithurai.

    Indra, Kubera, and Sptharishis, worshipped Siva here.

    Other deities present in the temple are Vinayakar, Murugan, Mahalakshmi, Durgai, Dakshina moorthy and Navagraha.

    Sambandhar and Navukkarasar sang hymns on Siva of this place.

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