Ujjian Kali, Thirupattore, Utratoore, Vekkaliamman and Urayoor temple. Trichy i  

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  1. Ujjian kali amman.

    The temple is near Samayapuram temple. The place is known as Makaligudi.

    Teertham is known as Sakthi teertham.

    Importance: King Vikramaditya worshipped Kali in this place. The small brass idol which the king worshipped, is there in the temple. One unique thing about the in the temple is kali with 3 hands two hands downwards and one hand raising up with agni jwala.

  2. Thirupattoore: Siva temple.
    The temple is 21 kms from Lalgudi.

    Main Deity is Swayambu lingam known as Brahmapureeswarar and his consort Bruhan Nayaki. sthala vruksham is “Magizha maram”

    ImportanceBrahma worshipped Siva of this place. We see Brahma in separate sanctum here. The place is known as mumoorthy sthalam. There are 14 lingas in the temple worshipped, by Manduga maharishi.

  3. Utratoore: Siva temple.

    It is one of the, “Vaippu sthalam” of Siva. The place is about 28 kms from Lalgudi.
    Teertham is Brahma teertham.

    Main Deity is Sundravaneyswarar and his consort known as Akilandeswari.

    Importance: Nataraja and Sivakami ammai idol is made of one single stone. Nandhi River started from the mouth of nandhi in this temple. We see a huge nandi first and when we enter the temple to the celing, we see the devatas relating to 27 stars and 12 rasi is carved. They say the place is good for worship of stars. Inside the temple we see a well and a Nandi.

  4. Vekkaliamman: One of the Amman temples in Trichy.
    The place is known as “Urayoore.”

    Main Deity: is Vekkaliamman.

    Purana saya Queen wanted the flowers from the garden, which belongs to Thayumanavar temple. King arranged for the flowers from there. Siva was angry due to the act of King and he saw towards the dirrection of Urayoor.

    The whole village was covered with mud due to the anger of Siva. Vekkaliamman who is supposed to be the protector goddess of that palace was worried and prayed Siva to calm down. Thus, she protected the people from anger and started residing there and took care of people who come to her.

    There is no roof for the temple main sanctum. Many times they tried to put roof but they were not able to do that and it is open to air.

  5. Urayoore:

    One of 108 Vishnu temple known as Divya deasam. The place is about 2 kms from Trichy central bus stop.

    Main Deity: Azagiya Manavala perumal in standing posture and his consort Kamala valli thayar. Teertham is Kalyana teertham and Surya teertham.
    Importance: Komala Valli thayar is seen in bridal form over here. This is birth place of Thiruppanazwar, and he is seen separate sanctum here.

    Purana: King Nanda cholan found a female child fluting on lotus flower. He took the child named her Kamala valli and took care of her. Vishnu wanted to marry the princes. He appeared as a prince, in the dream of the King and asked his daughter to be married to him. Kamala Valli thayar and Manavala Perumal got married in this place

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