Devipatnam, Darbhasayanam Temple, Ramanadhapuram District.  

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  1. Devipattinam:

    This place is about 15 kms from Ramanadhapuram. It is to the sea shore, and here the sea is without noisy wave’s looks like a lake.

    Here Lord Rama has installed 9 stones, which is known as Navabashanam and they represent Navagraha’s. There is a Siva temple,and the main deity is known as Thilakeswarar and Soundranayaki.

    The purana says Rama did thila tharpanam for his parents. The sea waves were disturbing Lord Rama in worshipping Navagraha, so he prayed to Jaganadhar to help him and he was blessed. That’s the reason the sea looks like a big lake over here.

  2. Thirupullani / Dharbasayanam: Jaganadha perumal.
    This place is 6 kms from Sethu karai.

    Main Deity : Kalyana Jaganadhar in standing posture and Lord Sri Rama in relaxing posture, Goddess is Kalayana valli and Padamasini thayar.

    Importance: Vebeeshana surrendered himself to Lord Rama in this place.
    Here Lakshmana is in the form of Adiseshan on whom Lord Rama is relaxing in different sanctum.

    Purana says Pullar worshipped Lord by Astakshara mantra under the Aswatha vruksham and he was blessed, hence the place is known as Pullaranyam.

    We find Chakkra teertham in front of the temple. The teertham is also known as Hamsa teertham, because Lord gave upadesham to Brahma in the form of Hamsa pakshi [bird}

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