Sri Ranganadhar temple, Jiyaguda, Hyd.  

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  1. Ranganadhar temple:

    Sri Ranganadhar temple of Jiyaguda is 4kms from Afzalgung, Hyderabad. the temple is 500 years old.

    As we enter we see Dwajasthambam and Garuda azwar in front of the main deity in the main hall. There is a beautiful bunch of brass lamp

    Main deity: Ranganadhar in sleeping form on Adiseshan with Goddess Sridevi, Boodevi, Neeladevi beside him and Brahma in lotus.

    He has rested his head to one hand, one to side, third one holding sanku and fourth one holds chakkra. The main deity is small in size.

    There are 2 small sets of brass idols of Narayanar with Sridevi and Bhoodevi in standing posture. Abishekam is performed for vishnu in saligrama form which is in the main sanctum.

    We find brass sudarshanar inside the sanctum. seperate urchava vigram is also there.
    As we go around the main sanctum, we see Thayar in different sanctum known as Lakshmi.

    The main deity was installed by Vanamamalai jeeyer. There is a well in the temple premises in which the water is clear and one can see the bottom.

    There are some brass idols in different small sanctum of which one exclusive piece is Ranganadhar idol exactly like the main deity.

    we find Anjaneyar in seperate sanctum and Navagraha is also seen which is a rare thing in vaishnava temples.

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