Temples in Rameswaram  

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  1. Peruvayal: Murugan temple.

    The temple is 6 kms to SW of Devipattnam.

    Main Deity is Swayambu Linga known as Peruvyal Nadhar and his consort goddess Parvathi Devi

  2. Uppur: The place is known as Lavanapuri.

    Main deity: Swayambu Vinayakar, whom Lord Rama worshipped for, success of his mission to get back Sita. There is no roof for the temple so he is known as Veyilluku ugandha Vinayakar.

  3. Ekantha Ramar Temple:

    The temple is located at Tangachi madam.

    Here the waves are calm because Lord Rama is in ekantham{alone} There is a well in the temple which is known as Amirthavapi. There is Villoorani teertham also.

    Purna says Lord Rama marked on the earth with his bow Kodandham, water pierced from there and it is known as Villoorani teertham. The water is sweet inspite of the sea nearby.

  4. Gandhamanam: This is 3 kms to west of Ramanadhapuram.
    Purana says Lord Rama climbed the mandapam on sandy elevation and decided about constructing a bridge to cross the sea and reach Lanka. We see Ramar Padam here. The place is well connected by good road. When we climb we get beautiful view of the island.

  5. Danushkoti:

    This is a place where we see the meeting point of Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean which is in the shape of bow and hence it is known as Danushkoti.

    This place is considered to be holy to have a dip and pay homage to fore fathers.

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