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Lakshmi Narashima Swamy:

This is a cave temple on the top of a hill 60 Kms away from Hyderabad,6 kms away from Raigiri railway station.

Main Deity: Swayambu Lakshimi Narashima Swamy.

Once the sage Rishyasringa muni's son Yadagiri, who penanced here in the cave with the blessings of Anjaneyar on this hill between Bhongiri and Rayagiri in Nalgonda district hence the place is known as Yadagiri Gutta.

Lord was pleased with his devotion and appeared in five different forms. Yadarishi sought to see him with his consort Lakshmi on his lap.

We have to go through an entrance which narrows itself into a dark cave, to have the darshan of the main deity Lakshmi Narashima Swamy. Lord Narashima is found sculpured to the rock.

Alwars are seen worshipping Lord here. The rock formation in the hill are considered as Jwala Narashima and Yoga Narashima respectively.

On the hillock there is a Siva temple also.

Down the hill a kilometer away there is Narashima swamy temple which was the first place Narashima reveled himself.

As we climb few steps we see padam which denotes to Narashima climbed up to gutta from there.

Puranic knowledge city near Yadagiri gutta.

The place is still under construction and its going to get opened shortly.
Near the entrance we see a big statue of pancha muka Hanuman and pancha mukha Siva.

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