Janakay Temples, Madurai  

Posted by Shamala Krishnan

  1. Janakai Marriamman temple: This is 1600 years old.
    The temple is in cholavandhan, 28 kms from Madurai.

    Main deity: Swayambu Janakai mari in sitting posture. Sthala vruksham is vembu or neem tree.

    Importance: It is on the bank of vigai river. Parasurama was asked to cut the head of his mother by his father Jamadagni. Parasurama, did as he was asked, and Jamadagni muni felt happy and granted him boon.

    Parasurama asked for his mother’s life. His father asked to place the head and body together. Parasurama in his anxity placed the head to some other body, Jamadagni muni sprinkled water on the body and she came alive.

    The anger was there in Renuka devi, and to cool down her, Mari appeared and stayed here. We see Renuka devi in standing posture at the back of Marriamman. She is known as chanda marri.

  2. Janakai Narayana perumal:

    Main deity is Narayana perumal with Sridevi and Bhoodevi in standing posture. we see Janakavalli thayar and Andal in different sanctums. The temple is in Cholavandhan adjecent to Marriamman temple.

    importance: King Janaka penenced here. He wanted Lord Vishnu to be his son-in-law. We find Jaya veera Anjaneyar. We find good sculptures to the pillars of main mandapam of the temple.

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