Yougananda Lakshmi Narashima Swamy  

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  1. Yogananda Lakshmi Narashima Swamy temple:

    Main Deity is Yogananda Lakshmi narashima Swamy.

    The temple is on the bank of River Krishna. It is situated at 10 Kms from Chillakallu on National high way No.9 from Vijayawada to Hyderabad.

    Importance: Here the Lord is existing in five forms different from each other known as Pancha Narashima Moorthy.

    Namely Jwala Narashima on vedasikara of the mountains, Saligrahma Narashima in the River Krishnaveni.

    Yogananda Narashima erected by sage Rishya Sringar, as Lakshmi Narashimar on his own peetam.

    Veera Narashimar on garudadri situated at a distance of 5kms from east to Vedadri.

    The Brahma Purana says Somasura stole the Vedas from Brahma, and hid himself into the ocean. Lord Brahma approached Lord Vishnu to help him out to get back the vedas from the asura.

    Sriman Narayanar took the form of fish {mathsaya avatara} and entered deep into the ocean and rescued Vedas from asura. The Vedas took human form and thanked Lord Vishnu, and asked Lord to stay with them on their heads. Lord agreed to stay till the time comes and he asked them to stay in River Krishnaveni as saligrama stone.

    After Hirnaya kashapa vadam Lord Narayanar who incarnated himself as Narashimar, stayed as Jwala Narashimar on the mountains head at vedadri in fulfillment of his words to veda purushas.

    Lord Brahma requested Jwala Narashima to stay at sathya lokha as saligrahama, and Lord Narashimar obliged to do so. Even before Lord Brahma could offer his prayer to Lord, sathya lokha was consumed in flames.

    Lord Brahma personally brought the Saligrahma moorty to the River Krishnaveni and erected it on the saligrahma mountain.

    Krishnaveni prayed to Narayanar, to allow her to worship him daily. Here Lord Lakshi Narshimar the incarnation of Sriman Narayanar fulfilled the desire of both veda purusha and river Krishnaveni.

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