Thiru vadhavoor and Thiru Koshitur, Melur, Madurai.  

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  1. Thiru Vadhavoor:

    Vaippu sthalam of Lord Siva.
    The place is 9 kms from Melur, and 19 kms to NE of Madurai.

    Main deity is Swayambu linga known as Thirumarai nadhar and his consort Goddess Thirumarai nayaki in a separate sanctum.Magizha maram is sthala vruksham in this place. Teertham is Baragava teertham and Kapila teertham.

    Importance: This is birth place of Manickavachakar, one of samaya kurvar nalvar.

    Purana saya Vayu bagwan worshipped Siva here for blessing of a child.
    Sani bagavan was relieved of muscle pain, after worshipping Lord Siva of this place.
    Here Sani Bagwan is in separate sanctum folding one of his legs and seated on his vahana.

    This is the place, were Nandi Devar was born and named as Thiruvadhavooran.
    With the blessings of his guru he was called as Manikavachakar.Siva leela story of fox transforming to horse is related to this place.

    Other deities in the temple are Chintamani Ganapathy, Murugan, Kaliswarar, Viswanadhar, Natarajar, Vyagyapadha muni, Patanjali muni, bairavar, Manikkavachakar and sundarar.

  2. Thiru koshtioor: One of 108 Divya Desam.

    The place is about 10 kms from Thirupatoore.

    Main Deity: Uragamellanian in reclined posture, urchavar Sowmyanarayana perumal in standing posture and Goddess Thiru Mamagal Nachiar.Teertham is Deva pushkarani.

    Importance: The temple is of four floors. Main deity is in sleeping posture in first floor, to the second and third floor we see deities in sitting and standing posture, and the final fourth floor is the terrace from where Ramanajur announced the secret moola mantra of OM NAMO NARAYANA for the benefit of one and all.

    We see Ramanujar and Thirukoshitur Nambi sculptures facing the city in front. Indra and Kadamba muni were blessed by lord of this place.

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