Thirusuzhi, Kanchana malai, Muktheeswrar, Tirupachety and Vembatore Temple. Madurai and Sivagangai District.  

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  1. Thirusuzhi:

    This is One of 275 Important Devara Sthalam

    The place is 45 kms to south of Madurai.

    Main Deity: Swayambu lingam known as Thirumeny Nadhar and his consort Thunaimalai Nayaki,in different sanctum. Sthala Vruksham is Punnai. Teertham is Kovvaikadal.

    Importance: Ramana Maharishi’s birth place. His house near the temple and a room in his house is dedicated for Ramanar with his photos. Bhomi Devi worshipped Lord Siva here and hence he is known as Bhoominadhar.

    Other deties in the temple are Bhodi Vinayakar, Subramanyar, Pralayavidangar, Palani andavar and Navagraham.

    Sundrar sang hymns on Lord Siva of this place

  2. Kanchana malai temple:

    This temple is close to Meenakshi temple Madurai.

    Main Deity: Soma sundereswarar in the form of Linga. Teertham is known as Azhukadal.

    Purana says Kanchana malai is mother of Thadathagai {Meenakshi}.
    She wanted to have a dip in the seawater, so Sunderaswarar by his power brought seven type of sea water into a small tank. Hence the place is known as Azhukadal. The tank is no more and the city has developed.

  3. Muktheeswarar:

    The Siva temple is known as Vayu sthalam of Madurai district, and the temple is located near Theppakulam. The temple is a very old one, but the extended construction which we see now is 400 years old.

    Main Deity is Siva linga known as Muktheeswarar and Goddess Maragadha valli Thayar.

    Sthala puranam: Due to the curse of Sage Durvasa, Iravadham became a wild elephant, later on it worshipped Lord Siva of the place and got rid of its curse and was back to normal stage. Soorya rays fall directly on the Siva lingam to denote the worship of Surya.So, there is no Navagraha in this temple. Here we se Vilva Vinayakar in the temple.

  4. Thirupachety:

    This is a Siva temple of 1800 years, and located at !0 kms distance from Thirupoovanam

    Main Deity: Swayambu linga known as Thiru Nokum Azhaghiya nadhar, and Goddess Marunokum Poongkuzhali ammai in a separate sanctum. Sthala Vruksham is Vilvam. Teertham is Lakshmi teertham.

    Importance: The temple was constructed by the King Nala Maharajan. Naladiyar hymns Composed by Jaina muni was found in this place. Sambandhar when he came to this place all the mud near the temple looked like Siva Lingas ,so he did not enter into the temple and he worshipped Lord siva from outside itself.

    We find Nandi devar to a side her leaving way for Sambandhar to worship Lord Siva. The palm leaves which were placed by the jains in the river during the punal vadham time was, seen at this place near the river bed.

    Thirumal worshipped Lord Siva in this place with thulasi leaf, and he wore the remaining thulasi leaf as a garland. Here we see bairavar with two dogs to either side which is rare.

    There are two Maragadha Linga's in the temple to which the abishekam is done in the noon pooja time. Other deities in this place are, Valampuri Vinayakar, Subramanayar, Natarajar, Nalvar, Patanjali Muni, Vyagyapadhar muni, Thirumal, Lakshmi and Navagraha

  5. Vembathur: It’s a perumal temple.

    Main deity: Sundara raja perumal and goddess Sridevi and Bhoodevi.
    The temple is near Thirupachety, Lord Siva temple.
    Other deities in the temple are, Lakshmi Hayagreevar, Lakshmi Narashimar, and Anjaneyar.

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