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Kasi being the oldest city of the world This is an importnt piligrimage center, it attracts large number of people from all over the world.

Varnasi is famous for Hinduism, spirtualism, mysticism and Indian Philosophy. These are reflected in temples ashrams, ghats and numerous sects.

Kasi town is full of narrow lanes, and without a guide it is not possible to visit the temples. The temples look like a house and the lanes are too confusing.

Kasi is very old town with lot of temples. Visiting all the temples is not possible in short stay. I am giving information about the temples which we visited.

Invaders destroyed the old Viswanadhar temple, and the present Viswanadhar temple was constructed by Queen Ahalyabai Holkar of Indore in the year 1776.

Once again Aurangzeb destroyed the temple to replace it with gayanvapi mosque. However, one can see the remnants of the temple in the intricate and fine artwork of the western wall of the Mosque.

Viswanadhar temple and the gyanvapi Mosque are adjacent to each other. The temple is in a narrow lane. Lot of security measures is taken and we cannot take anything inside the temple. Shopkeepers are taking care of your belongings.

  1. Viswanadhar temple is one of the Jyothir Lingam.

    The temple is like a mandapam with four side’s door.

    Main deity Viswanadhar is to a side in this hall. Reason for this is as per Akashvani information they were asked to keep camphor in the main mandapam and it would light on its own and the main deity was supposed to be installed in that place. From outside the temple looks like a house and the gopuram (sikaram), can be viewed only from inside.

    The main gopuram was gold plated by Maharaja Ranjeet sing.
    First we come across, darshan of Dundi Vinayakar. There are about eight Vinayakar around the temple out of which he is important.

    Viswandhar Lingam is smooth black stone seated in a silver plinth. We have darshan of Avimuktheswar, Bhavani, subramanyar, and Mahakal {Bairavar}.
  2. Visalakshi temple

    The temple is in different place. The goddess is seen in sitting posture.

    Annaporna Devi temple is of marble stones. Here Goddess Annapurna
    has a container and in another hand she has Agappai {spoon}.

    We see Srichakkra Meru yantram in front of Annapoorani Devi installed by Adi Sankarar.

    We see Bikshadanar in silver near her. To either sides of Annapoorani we see Sridevi and Bhoodevi. The center mandapam is in octogen shape.

    In front of Annapoorani we have the darshan of Sri Sathya Narayanar.

    Golden Annapoorani darshan is only for three days during Deevali festival. There are two main entrances known as Dharma Dwaram and Biksha Dwaram.

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