Sri Ram Darbar, Ayodhya.  

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  1. Ram Darbar:

    There is a big hall and in the hall we see idols of Sri Rama, sita and Lakshmana. We also see a set of small idols there. This is the palace where Sri Rama and his courtiers meet, and he ruled the kingdom from here.

  2. Bada sthan:

    This is King Dasaratha's palace. Thre is a big hall we get to see the complete family. we see the idols of his four sons with their consorts Sri Rama and Sita, Lakshmana and Urvasi,Bharata and Mandavi , Sathrugana and Sruthakirthi.

  3. Bada Hanuman is just a gate way sort. Nothing much to see inside.

  4. Kala Ram Mandir:

    The temple is constructed at the place where Sri Rama performed Aswamedha yaga. About 300 years ago Raja of Kulu built a new temple which was improved by Ahalyabai Kolkar of Indore in the year 1784. The main deity of Sri Rama is of black stone which was recovered from Sarayu River. The temple is near Nageshwarnath temple and it was closed when we went there.

  5. Nageshwarnath temple:

    We reach the temple after crossing the bridge which was also constructed in the same year 1784.
    The temple was built by Prince Kusha, Sri Rama's son.

    According to legend this was the only place survived till the time of King Vikramaditya and rest of the city was ruined and covered by forest. King Vikramaditya located the city Ayodhya, with the help of this temple.

    Prince Kusha lost his armlet which was lost when he had his bath in River Sarayu. Nagakanya picked the armlet and gave it to Prince with whom she fell in love. Nagakanya was a devotee of Lord Siva, so Prince Kusha built this temple for her.

    Inside the sanctum we see Lord Siva in linga form, and a Dara pathra is hanging above the Siva Lingam. we see Ganesha to the front of main sanctun. Here we see different forms of Lord Siva's painted to walls. There is a seperate sanctum for Adi Siva Lingam. The present temple was built in the year 1750.

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