Vindhyachal, Mirzapur, UP.  

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From Varanasi we went to Vindhyachal, sakthi peetam.

  1. This place Vindhychal is about 60 kms from Varnasi and 8 kms from Mirzapur. Its on the rail road of Allahabad to Mogalsarai. There is a station by vindhyachal and also Mirzapur.

    This is one of the sakthi peetam and goddess if known as Vindhyavasini. Sathi devi's left Leg thumb fell here and it is considered as one of the sakthi peetam.

    Goddess Durga after having killed demon Mahishasura etablished herself here. In later years she defeated Sumba and Nisumba.

  2. Sitakund

    This is one of the popular attractions at Vindhyachal. It is said that when Sri Ram, Sita and Lakshman were returning home after their exile, Sita became very thirsty at this place. Since water was not easily available, Lakshman pierced an arrow and immediately a fountain of water came out.

    In memory of Ram, Sita and Lakshman and Goddess Durga a temple was constructed. One can quench their thirst here at the Sitakund. After climbing 48 steps to the Sita Kund the track leads to another low hillock, where the AshtabhujaTempleis situated.

  3. Ashtabuja
    This is supposed to be the main sakthi peetam.

    As purana says she is supposed to be Maha maya Kali whom Kamsa lifted up thinking that it was Devki's 8 th child.

    Near Ashtabhuja temple, there is another cave temple with a narrow path. The cave roof is so low and the passsage is too narrow, one has to bow down and enter into in single row, to have a glimpse of the Goddess Kali.
    We see bairavar to the side near by.

    Besides these temples there are many more temples at Vindhyachal. In Ramgaya there is one more Jagadamba ashtabuja devi temple, and Ramanadhar temple. This place is aboout 3 kilometer away from vindhyavasini temple There are also the Brahmakund and Agastyakund whose waters are very sacred and it is believed that bathing in these water can relieve one from their sins. Besides, there is also an Ashram of Anandamayee Ma.

  4. Mirzapur temples

    Budhenath temple

    The temple is in Mirzapur town. This is Siva temple and the main deity is known as Bhudeswar. We see Bairvar near the entrance of the temple.

  5. Thadakeswaranath temple

    The temple is near district court of Mirzapur town. Main deity is Thadakeswarar in Linga form.

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Wow, She's a really important Devi! Read somewhere that Thugees
worshipped her, rather than a form of Kali.

March 11, 2010 at 6:10 PM

Hope you had an amazing experience. Nice pictures of temples. I would like to add Vindhyachal is a renowned religious city, near Varanasi. There are manyplaces to visit in Vindhyachal, most famous being the Maa Vindhyavasini temple.

March 30, 2016 at 3:10 AM

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