Temples of Allahabad  

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  1. Veni Madhavar:

    This is temple is near Saraswathi ghat, and it is one of the famous temples of Allahabad.

    Veni madhavar temple is in Taraganj.
    Here main deity is known as Veni Madhavar. This is one of Panchava Madhava Kshetram. This is a small temple and darshan of Veni Madhavar in Allahabad is important.

  2. Siddeswarar temple

    The temple is in Taraganj. This is very old temple. Here we see Main deity Durga Devi and other deities like Pancha Mukha Hanuman, and Navagraha. This is the only temple with Navagraha here.

  3. Someswarar temple:

    Here the Siva Lingam ws installed by Chandran also known as Soman and hence the name someswarar.

  4. Baradwaja Ashram:

    This place is 6 kms from Taraganj, and it is opposite to Ananda Bhavan. According to Purana Saint Baradwajar Ashram was here from the age of sri Rama lived. It says Sri Rama stayed for some period during his 14 years of vanavasam.

  5. Akshaya vat:

    The immortal tree lies inside the fort within the Patalapuri temple. The tree stands in a niche above an underground shaft which is said to lead to Triveni. We are not allowed inside.

  6. Ashoka pillar:

    This pillar is of polished sand stone of 10 meter height, dating back to 232BC. The pillar has persian inscription of Emperor Jahangir in scriptd on it commemorating his accession to the throne.

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