Temples of Varnasi.  

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  1. Durga temple:

    This is 1000 year old temple.

    Main deity is swayambu Durga matha. As we enter there is a small temple, where we see Siva in the form of lingam.

    Inside the temple we have the darshan of Durga matha and as we go around we have the darshan of Bairavar, Saraswathy, Lakshmi, and Vishnu. Outside the temple premises we have the darshan of Sankata Hanuman

  2. Tulasi manasa mandir:

    The temple is dedicated to Lord Sri Rama. The temple was built in the year 1964 and it is on the site where Goswamy Tulasidas wrote the epic “Ramacharithramanasa”. The construction of temple is of marble stones. We see Hanuman in front of the temple.

    As we enter inside we see idol of Tulasidasar with the book Ramacharitramanasa. Tulasi Ramanayan is written on the walls of the sanctum. The main idol is lord Rama, Sita and Lakshman. To one side Annapurna Devi, and Lord Siva as Bikshadanar is seen, and to the other side Sathyanarayana Swamy.

  3. Sri Rama temple:

    The temple is in huge premises. Lot of checking is there. We are not allowed to take anything inside. We find lot of monkeys here. There is a sanctum for Lord Rama, Sita and lakshmana. In front of the main sanctum of Sri Rama we see Hanuman.

  4. Swamynarayan temple

    The temple is near ghay ghat. The temple construction appears like a chariot.

    Inside it’s a big hall where we see Swamynarayan and Lakshminarayan idol made of eight elements. To one side we have darshan of Lord Siva and Parvathy. To other side we see palliarai. Here we see Radha krishnar and Swamynarayan pictures. We can see Ganesha and Hanuman also.

  5. Birla mandir:

    Uma Maheswara mandir built by Birla family. In the main sanctum we see Lord Siva in Linga form. We are allowed inside the sanctum. Outside the sanctum to one side we see Durga and Lakshminarayanar in different sanctums. The temple is in Banaras university campus.

  6. Varahi temple

    The temple is in Thripura bairvi Ghat. Goddess is big in size and known as Padala Varahi. She is in basement and no one is allowed inside. Only poojari can go inside to perform pooja. There is small hole in ground level from there, we can have the darshan of Varahi. The temple is closed by sunrise (by 6.30 am). They close the door and again the darshan time is next day morning only.
  7. Bindu Madhavar temple

    The temple is in Pancha ganga Ghat. This temple is one of the pancha Madhava Kshetram. The main deity is Saligrahama stone. Only after our visit to the temple, sthala yatra is completed.

  8. Kamakoteeswarar temple: The temple was constructed by Kanchi matt. The temple is constructed in south indian style according to panchayadhana rules.

    Main deity Lord Siva is known as Kamakoteeswarar, and Goddess Kamakoti devi. Siva Lingam is of Narmadha stone, Goddess Kamakoti is of emerald. We see sanctum of Lord Ganesha, Thirumal and Sooryanarayanar. Ganesha and soorya idol is of red stone. To one side we see pallikondasivan in different sanctum. The temple is near Hanuman ghat.

  9. Kanchi Kamakoti Sankaramatt

    This is in Hnuman ghat. This is branch of Kamakote Peetam of Kanchi. Veda patasala is also there. Rooms are available for stay.
  10. Kala Bairavar temple

    The temple is in Visweswara ganj. Kalabairvar is one form of Lord Siva. Normally only the face is seen, to have the full darhan you have to pay. There are 8 bairava temples are there in Kasi. He is supposed to be Kaval deivam {protecter} of Kasi. Biravar is the person who punishes people for sins.

  11. Gowdi Matha temple

    This is the last temple to visit in Kasi. She was supposed to be grama devata, when Kalabiravar was declard as Kaval deivam

    Purana: she got annoyed with Lord Siva and Planned to take the benefits, of devotees who visit Kasi. Lord Siva was horrified and he made a deal with her. He asked her to stay at the border of Kasi town and she can take the 50% of Kasi visit benifts if they do not visit her.

    Gowdi matha was cooled down and she said she will be happy with the people who offer her conch to her. There is no need to take anything other than the conch which is available near the temple. The panda {poojari} asks us to repeat, what he says. The benefit of counch is your’s and the benefits of visiting Kasi is mine.

  12. Tridev Temple

    The temple is constructed 6 months back. There is a big hall as we enter inside, the deities are kept in three comparments.

    In the center we see Sri rama , Sita, and Lakshmana. We also see ganesha to upper side and Hanuman in lower side of Sri Rama's left side. to the right side we see Radha Krishnar to upper side and Lord shiva parvathi to lower. To the left corner of the hall we have the darshan of Annapurani, and to the right corner, Trisulam.

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