Temples of Neimisaranyam  

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  1. Hanuman Mandir

    Hanuman Ghat is the place on top of a small hill where we see Viswaroopa Hanuman carrying Sri Rama and Lakshmana on his shoulders. We had to climb few steps to the main sanctum. Near the entrance to left we see Makardwaj (son of Hanuman). In front of Sri Hanuman sanctum we see idols of Sri Rama, Sita and Lakshmana

  2. Sukha Maharishi temple

    This is near Hanuman Mandir. Here we see Sukar in bronze idol in a separate sanctum. In front of this sanctum we see a room in which books of all 18 Puranas and Vedas are preserved.

  3. Balaji Temple

    Here as we enter we see Dwajasthambam, and we enter into a hall where we see Balaji in main sanctum and Padmavathy Thayar in different sanctum.

  4. Durga temple:

    Durga Devi is considered as sister of perumal here. In the main sanctum we see Durga Devi and as we go around we come across another small sanctum in which we see Durga matha in Aruruvam, which is supposed to moolavar and nothing is clear to vision.

  5. Chakkra teertham

    This is in round shape and we have hectogn sort of pond around the chakkra teertham. we have steps to reach the water in the pond. The steps are too slippery. This is the pushkaram of this place. We have a sanctum for SriChakkrtazwar and Sri Rama, Sita and Lakshmana.

  6. Ahobila Matt:

    One of Ahobila Matt jeeyar attained paramapadham here and as a rememberence they have a sanctum for him. The sanctum is in the mutt premises. We have darshan of Sri Lakshmi Narashimar idols to which pooja’s are performed by a preist.

    Priest family takes care of the piligrims who visit the place. There are rooms to stay and food is arranged in mutt, if informed in advance. This is only for Brahmin community.

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