Vyasa kasi. Vyaseswarar, Rameswarar and Durga temple  

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  1. Vyasa Kasi (Ram Nagar)

    The temple is to the other bank of the river. Here we visit Palace, Vyaseswarar temple, Vyasar, Sukar and Vyaseswarar in linga form. We have the darshan of Rameswarar on our way to Vyaseswarar temple. All these are inside the palace premises.

    We reach the temple by passing through subway {Cave} like thing. We see surya chakra as we get down from vysar and sukar temple

  2. North Durgai Amman temple:

    The temple is a kilometer away from the palace. This area is known as Vyasa kasi. The temple dates back to 8th century. It is built in Nagara style and its one of the most important temple of the city.

    The “Sikara” of the temple consists of several small spires layered one above the other. "Sri Chakkra" is installed in the main sanctum. She is known as Shima Vahini, and also as Jagadatri.

    In front of main sanctum we see Lion sculpture facing goddess.

    We see small temple for Chinnamastha (one form of sakthi) in the temple compound. This is marble idol. Even here we had our darshan through grill and it was dark. We had darshan with torch light.

    On the day we went there there was RathYatra of goddess.

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