Devadhana Perumal, Neimisaranyam, UP.  

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  1. Neimisaranyam

    Nimisaranyam is 85 kms from Lucknow to Sitapur road. The place is on the banks of River Gomathy. There are few temples to visit.

    Devadhana perumal, One of the Divya Desam, Hanuman temple, Veda mandir, Durga temple, Chakkra teertham and Ahobila matt. A lady by name Mrs.Vinaya is arranging for taxi for your tour from there to Ayodhya, Allahabad and Varnasi. If someone is interested they can contact to the cell phone number 09936046748 She is a tamilian lady and travelers from south can converse in tamil to avoid confusion.


    This place was arayanyam once, and it is considered sacred place to penance and attain divine power. The whole forest is worshiped as Supreme Lord. According to legends Lord chooses this place to establish Dharma. Vrittasura was troubling the sages and they prayed Lord to give a remedy for their issue. The Lords requested Maharishi Dadichi to give his bones to create a weapon to kill the demon. The maharishi obliged and they were able to get rid of the demon Vrittasuran.

    Sthala puranam says, Sutha puranikar recited 18 puranas for the benefit of Maha Rishi’s, in this place.

    The reason for the name Neimisaranyam is once Maharishi’s along with Sownakar, went to Lord Brahma, and asked him to show a place where they can do meditation and yagnas. Brahma took the wheel of his charriot and rolled it down. He said the place where wheel stops, that would be the ideal place for them. They wheel stopped at this place which was Aranyam

    Nemi means chakkram and the place it stopped, was Aranyam and hence the name.

  2. Devadhana perumal temple:

    This is one of 108 temples of Divya Desam. This is One of 8 Swayam Vektha kshetrams. The rest are Badri, Pushkaram, Srirangam, Salagramam Srimushnam, Vanamamalai, Pushkaram and Tirupathy. The place is regarded as Tapovanam.

    Main Deity is Devadhana Perumal in standing posture and in the main sanctum next to perumal we see lot of saligrahamas. In front of the main deity sanctum we have the darshan of Garudazwar. Goddess Pundarikavalli is seen if different sanctum. She is also known as Sri Hari Lakshmi, Sri Hari Priya.

    Sthala Vruksham is Thapovanam. All the trees in this forest are considered as sthala vruksham and hence it is known as Thapovanam.
    River Gomathy and Chakra Teertham are the pushkaram of this place.

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