Sita samhitha sthal, Up  

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  1. Sitamari

    This place is about 7 kms from Raiyapur.

    As per Purana Sita was abandoned by Sri Rama. She stayed in Baradwaj Ashram and
    gave birth to Lava and Kusha
    . After the kids grew up and they met Sri Rama, she wanted to leave the world and she merged with her mother Bhoodevi forever in this place.

    UP tourism has developed this place as a tourist spot. we see a Hanuman statue, siva lingam and Sita in a basement room relating to the story of he merging with her mother.

    There is a big hall where they have kept Sita idol as if she is within the earth. beautiful glass paintings are to the walls. The doors are adorned with pictures relating to Ramayan. There is water running to the sides of this place.

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