Aachalpuram and Thiru Kolakka  

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  1. Aachalpuarm / Thiru nallore perumanam:

    This is one of 275 Siva Devera Sthalam. The place Aachlpuram is about 15 kms from Seergazhi, on the banks of River Kollidam. Present days the place is known as Peramanallore.

    The temple has a Rajagopuram of five storeys, with two prakarams.

    Main deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Sivalokaha thayagar, facing east and his consort Thiru Vennitru ammai is facing towards south.

    Mango tree is sthala vruksham and teertham is known as Panchakra Teertham. Other teertham like Brugu, Vasishta, Athri, Jamadagni, and Mrugandu are there for the temple.

    Purana says this is the place Thirugyana Sambandhar along with his disciples, merged with Siva jyothy. Sambandhar was married in this place and hence the name Peramanallore.
    This is Mukthi sthal of Sambandhar with Thiru Neelakanta yazhpanar.

    Sambandhar sang hymns on Lord Siva of this place.

  2. Thiru kolakka / Thirukazhi seerama vinnagaram:

    The temple is one of 275 Siva Devara Sthalam. The temple is in Seergazhi town. It is about a kilometer distance from Brahmapureeswarar Temple on the banks of River Uppanaru.

    The temple is known as Thiru Thalam udayar temple. It is a small temple with single prakaram.

    Main deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Arulmigu Sapthapureeswarar and his consort Oosai koddutha nayaki. Teertham is Soorya teertham.

    Importance is this is the place where Thiru Gyana sambandhar received golden thalam from Lord Siva hence the name portalam udayar temple. Goddess gave a sound at that time hence, she is known as Oosai koddutha Nayaki.

    Kanva muni worshipped Lord Siva of this place. Sambandhar and Sundarar sang hymns on Lord Siva of this temple.

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