Thiru vali and Thirui Nagari temples  

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  1. Thiru vali and Thirunagari:

    One of the 12, Thirunangoore Divya Desa temples. These two are
    Different places and different temples but considered as one Divya Desam.

    Thiru Vali: This is one of Pancha Narashima Kshetram.

    The place Alinadu is about 6 kms SE of Seergazhi Town, also known as Vilwaranyam. It is a small temple with single prakaram.

    Main Deity is Lakshmi Narashimar in sitting posture with, Lakshmi to his right side on his lap.Urchavar is known as Thiruvali nagaralan and his consort Amirthakada valli Thayar.

    Pushkarani is known as Elakshani.
    Other deities seen in the temple are, Poorna Maharishi, Nammazwar, Manavala ma munigal, Udayavar, Kulasekarar, and Periyazwar.

    Purana says Narashimar after his samharam of Hiranyakashyap was uncontrollable in anger.

    Devas prayed to Lakshmi Devi to cool down his anger, and Lakshmi agreed to their Prayers. She came near Narashimar and sat on his right lap,Narashimar was cooled down by her act and he took her to his arms.

    Here we see Narashimar with Lakshmi Devi to right lap and his hands around her, and hence the place is known as Thiruvali (Alingana form of Narashimar)

    Importance: Birth place of Kumudha valli Nachiiyar, daughter of Thirumangai azwar.

    The place is equal to Badrikasramam. This is the next place where Perumal gave the upadesam of Narayana mantram to Thirumangai azwar. Marriage of perumal and kumudha valli nachiyar took place here

  2. Thiru Nagari

    This is One of Pancha Narashima Kshetram, where we see swayambu Yoga Narashimar, and Hiranya Narashimar.

    The place Thirunagari is known as Vilwaranyam, Alingnapuram is about 7 kms of seergazhi town.The temple has a big rajagopuram with five prakarams.

    Main Deity is Vedarajan in sitting posture with Sridevi and Bhoodevi.
    Urchavar is known as Kalyana Ranganadha Perumal.

    We see sanctums of Andal, Azwars, Udayavar, Kannan, Nadha Munigal, and Desikar as we go around the prakaram.

    Purana says once Sri Lakshmi left Sri vaikundam and came down to Bhoolokham. She stayed in a lotus flower in the pushkarani of Thiru nagari Kshetram, which was full of Lotus flower.

    Lord Vishnu came in search of Sri Lakshmi, and when he reached Thirunagari pushkarani he felt, Sri Lakshmi will be hiding herself in the lotus flower.

    Lord Vishnu’s eyes represent Sun and moon, so he closed his left eye which represents moon and looked at the pushkarani with his right eye. The Lotus flower bloomed when they saw the sun and he found Sri Lakshmi in the Lotus flower.
    He took her in his arms. Since Sri Lakshmi stayed in this place it is known as Sripuram.

    Importance: The temple belongs to chatur yugam. This is the place where Thirumangai azwar got his upadesam of Narayana Mantram from Lord Vishnu. There is Yoga Narashimar and Hiranya Narashimar whom he worshipped at this place is seen in the temple.

    There is a separate sanctum for Thirumangai Azwar is seen in this place. There is an idol for chindanayikku ineyal whom Thirumangai Azwar worshipped.

    Thiru nagari is the place where Thirumangai Azwar won in debate against Thirugyana Sambandhar, and got a Vel from him. Here in the temple we see Azwar with this vel.

    Thirumangai Azwar made an idol, and he put all his powers in the idol and attained Mukthi.

    Mangai madam is a place near by where he used to feed 1008 vaishnavites daily.
    There is a place near by Thirunagari where Vedaraja puram. It was in this place he looted ornaments from Lord Vishnu and Sri Lakshmi who were pasing by. He was blessed by Ranganadhar, whom, Azwar saw in his bridal form. He was blessed,and Narayana mantra upadesam was bestowed on him by Lord himself.

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