Koothanoor saraswathy and Seeyathamangai Temple.  

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  1. Kutthanoor:

    This is the only temple for Goddess Saraswathy in Tamil Nadu. The place is known as Thiru Tilathaipadhi.

    This is a small temple with single prakaram. There are shops in front selling Note books, Pencil, Pen, along with regular pooja items, which we normally find at shops near the temple. Devotees buy notebooks, pencils and pens, and slate according to their requirement and they give these things to prohit, who place it near Goddess Saraswathy and returns it back.

  2. Seeyathamangai:

    This is one of the 275 Devara sthalams. The place is about 1 ½ kms from Thiru Marugal, and 3 kms from Tittacheri on the banks of River Mudikondan.

    The temple is under renovation. Main deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Ayavantheeswarar facing west and his consort Eru malar kannamai, / Thailambikayar, facing west in separate temple within the same premises.

    There is a small mandapam for nandhi in front of the main sanctum As we go around the temple we see beautiful sculpture of Durgai, Dakshina Moorthy, and Kshetrapalakar. A stone idol of Navaneetha Krishnan is seen in the temple.

    Outer prakaram we see a small sanctum for saneeswarar. Brahma teertham is the pushkarani of the temple which is seen in front of the temple

    Purana says Lord Brahma worshipped Lord Siva here, hence the name Ayavanthy. This is birth place of Thiru Neelanakka Nayanar, who worshipped Lord Siva here. Once he when he went to worship Lord Siva, here with his wife. At that time a spider fell on Siva Lingam in the sanctum.

    Nayanar’s wife tried to remove the spider on the Lingam by blowing air with her mouth. Nayanar was annoyed by her act, and he said what she did was wrong. He left her and stayed back in the temple that night. In his dream that night, Lord Siva showed him that all other place, except the place spider fell was wounded. Nayanar realised his mistake and he joined his wife.

    Sambandhar sang hymns on Lord Siva of this place.

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