Thiru Parthanapalli, Thirunangoore, Seergazhi.  

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  1. Thiru Parthanapalli:

    This is one of Thirunangoore Divya Desa Temple and one of 108 Divya Desam temples. The temple is about 4 kms distance from Thituvenkadu. The temple has a Raja gopuram of three storey, single prakaram with Maha mandapam, Artha mandapam and Main sanctum.

    As we enter through the Raja gopuram we see a small sanctum for Garudazwar facing Lord in the main sanctum.

    Main deity is known as Thamarayalkelvan, in standing posture with Sridevi and Bhoodevi. Urchavar is known as Parthasarathy. There is a separate sanctum for Thayar Chenbaka valli / Thamarai Nayaki, is seen when we go around the outer prakaram. We see a small sanctum for Hanuman also. Teertham is known as Sangasaras teertham.

    Purana says Varunan meditated and worshipped Lord here. The Lord was seen in person by Varunan, as Parthasarathy perumal. Agasthiyar, Gowathamar, and Baradwajar rishi’s
    meditated and worshipped perumal, and saw Lord in person.

    Story of the temple is related to Arjuna who happens to come to this place. He was feeling thirsty and he asked for drinking water from Agasthiyar who was there. Unfortunately Agasthiya muni’s Kamandalam was empty without water. He was a great rishi and foresees the cause for this happening.

    He spoke to Arjuna, saying always he used to think of Lord Krishna whenever he was in need. Agasthiyars word made Arjuna realize his fault. Arjuna prayed Lord Krishna to forgive him. Lord Krishna was happy with Arjuna, and he came before Arjuna in this place and hence the name for the place Parthanapalli. We see a separate sanctum for Arjuna here in Artha mandapam.

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