Thiru Kurayaloore, Thirunangoore, seergazhi.  

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  1. Thiru Kurayaloore: This is one of the pancha Narashima kshetram. The place is near Thiru Nagari of Thirunangoore village. This is birth place of Thirumangai Azwar.

    Main deity is Sri Lakshmi Narashima Swamy, which was worshipped Thirumangai Azwar.

    Purana is connected to life of Neelan, who was later known as Thirumangai Azwar. Neelan was well educated. He was a good poet and a composer. He was a great warrior. Chola King was happy with him and made him a king for a small territory from his Kingdom. He was called as King Parakalan and used to pay tax for Chola king.

    Kapila muni was giving discourse about Lord Vishnu to his desciples. Sumangalai, devaloka maiden laughed at one of the desciple, who was hearing to discourse of his Guru Kapila muni.

    Muni was not happy about her act and cursed her to take birth in Bhoolokam. She was asked to stay at vellakulam of Thirunangoore Kshetram. Sumangalai was born as a girl baby, floating in Pushkarani on a lily flower. She was found by a devotee of Thiruvali, who took the baby to his place.

    She was named as Kumudha valli and brought up in his place. She was looking pretty. King Parakalan happen to see her, and fell in love. He went to her place with marriage proposal.Kumudha valli wanted to marry a true vaishnavite only and she refused his proposal.

    King Parakalan went to Thirunarayoor and prayed to perumal there, to help him with his proposal to Kumudha valli. Perumal was pleased with his prayers and Lord himself bestowed king with pancha samskara and turned him into a vaishnavite. King Parakalan returned to Kumudavalli once again with proposal of marriage.

    Kumudha valli came up with another condition that the person should be feeding 1008 Brahmin daily.

    King Parakalan from that day started feeding 1008 Brahmin daily in the temple. He utilised all his wealth to feed devotees. One day he was running short of wealth, and he started utilising the tax money for feeding devotees.

    Chola King came to know about this and he was angry with Neelan's act. He punished him by putting him in jail. Parakalan started worshipping Lord to help him. That day in Parakalan's dream he was told, he will find treasure near Vegavathy River. The river is flowing in Kancheepuram town. Parakalan told this to King and with his permission he went in search of the treasure.

    He was able to find the treasure in the place where it was mentioned in his dream.
    He paid the tax amount of the Chola King and used the left over wealth he continued feeding Brahanins. Kumudhavalli was happy about this and got married to King Parakalan, who was known as Thirumangai Azwar in later days.

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