Thirunangoore temples, Seergazhi.  

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This is an introduction to Thirunangore temples. I will be writing about the temples from my next post. The place is inbetween River Cauvery and Manni aru.

The place Thirunangoore also known as Purasangkadu and Parasavanam, is about 8 kms from seergazhi Town.

  • Thirunangoore Temples:
    There are 12 temples known as Thirunangore Divya Desam temples where Perumal on Garuda seva of all these temples meet at Narayana Temple.

    This function takes place every year on day after half-moon day of month Thai (Tamil month) English calendar will be celebrated between Jan14 / 14 Feb.
    Stone inscriptions say the place was known as Chaturvedi Mangalam.

    As per Parasavana Purana, Madanga muni meditated here on Lord Narayanar. As per the request of muni Lord Vishnu took twelve form, and he is seen in twelve different places nearby, in this Kshetram. These places are known as Thirunangoore Divya Desa temples.

    Parasavana Purana says Swethyaranya known as Esanya Peetam; where the main moola lingam was worshipped by Thirumal.

    Madangeeswarar of Tatpurusha Peetam was worshipped by Narayana Moorthy.

    Arayneswarar of Akora Peetam was worshipped by Parthasarathy Perumal.

    Yoganandar of Vamadeva Peetam was worshipped by Annan Perumal.

    Swaranapureeswarar of Sathyojatha Peetam was worshipped by Perarulala perumal.

    Jurahareswarar of Soma Peetam was worshipped by Kudamadum koothan Perumal.

    Naganadhar of Swarna Peetam was worshipped by Pallikonda Perumal.

    Nambuvarkanbar of Mahadeva Peetam was worshipped by Purushothama Perumal.

    Kailasa nadhar of Bheema peetam was worshipped by Vaikunda Perumal.

    Sundeswarar of Bava Peetam was worshipped by Thirumeni Azhgar Perumal.

    Irawadeeswarar of Pranava Peetam was worshipped by Madhava Perumal.

    Kalikameswarar of Rudra Peetam was worshipped by Narashima Moorthy.

    Nayanarpaneswarar of Pasupada Peetam was worshipped by Lakshmi Narayanar.

    All these peetams are considered as Thirunangore temples.
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