Thiru Vaikunda nadhar, Thirunangoore temple, seergazhi  

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  1. Vaikunda Nadhar temple:

    This one of Thirunangoore Divya Desam Temple and one of 108 Divya Desam temple.The place is about 5 kms distance from Seergazhi town.
    The temple is facing east with two prakarams. We see Artha Mandapam, Maha Mandapam, and main sanctum.

    Main deity Vaikunda Nadhar in sitting posture is seen on Lotus flower Peetam. We see his right leg folded and the left leg hanging down, shanku and chakkra in his two hands. One of his hands is rested on Adiseshan. We see five heads of Adiseshan at the back Lord, which looks like an
    open umbrella. Sridevi is seen to right side, of Lord and Bhoodevi to left side of lord, in sitting posture with Abhaya varadha hastham. Andal is seen next to Bhoodevi in standing posture.

    Vaikunda valli thayar is seen in seperate sanctum. Pushkarani is known as Lakshmi Pushkarani, and Udhanga teertham. Nammazwar and chakktrazwar are seen as we go around the prakaram

    Urchava idols of Vaikunda Nadhar, Sridevi, Bhoodevi, Navaneetha Krishnan, Andal,
    Chakkrathazwar and Nammazwar
    are seen in the main sanctum.

    Purana says the main deity Vaikundha Nadhar is exactly in the same form as he is in Vaikundam. This place is considered equal to Paramapadham. purana says Viraja river of Vaikundam flows in this place as Lakshmi Pushkarani.

    Uthanga muni worshipped Vaikundha nadhar of this temple and attained Moksha

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