Thiru vazhvoor, Mailaduthurai.  

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  1. Vazhuvoor:

    This is one of the eight veeratta Sthalam and one of Devara Vaippu sthalam.

    The place is about 10 kms from Mailaduthurai on the banks of River Veerachozhan. The Rajagopuram of temple is five storeys, and there are three prakarams.

    As we enter through the main entrance, we see padala gangai, pushkarani of the temple, between Nandi in a mandapam and Lord siva of main sanctum.

    Main deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Veerateswarar facing east, and his consort "Elan kilai nayaki" facing east. Sthala vruksham is Deva Dharu and vanni maram. Teertham is known as Pancha Brahma teertham.

    Purana: Rishi's and their wives who were meditating at Thruka vanam, started feeling they were greater than almighty. To make them realise their mistake, Lord Siva came down to Tharukavanam as pichadanar and Lord vishnu as Mohini. Pichadanar went to the place were Rishi pathini's gathered and Mohini went amoung the crowd of Rishi's.

    They both were so beautiful,the whole environment got disturbed and Rishi's asked them the reason of their comming, to Tharukavanam. They said they came to the place to meditate. Rishi's asked them if it is for meditating, why they are so beautiful. Pichadanar and Mohini said, if they see them with gyana, the beauty should not matter them. Rishi's got anger and they performed a homam known as Abichara homam and sent agni, snake and deer on them. Pichdanar who took them into his hand and made them  a weapon in his hand.

    Next they sent an elephant against them, Lord siva changed the mood of elephant, which  became violent and started destroying the whole place. Lord Siva and Mohini disappeared from that place and rishi's realised their mistake and realised, there is supreme power above them. They started worshipping Lord Siva, who entered into the elephant, everywhere there was darkness. Sakthi called out for, Lord Siva, who came out from the elephant body, and Lord Subramanyar in Ambals hand, pointed towards his father.

    Lord Siva is known as Keerthyvasan due to his stay inside elephant’s body. Rishi's were blessed with Gyana by making them realise their ego, and get rid of it, Lord Siva is known as Sri Gyanabeswarar. The place is known as Guana sabha and Lord Siva came out from the elephant body hence he is known as Gajasamhara moorthy.

    Riahi's had to perform pariharam, for Abitchara homam, which was done by them. They were to visit and have darshan of 1008 Sivalingam, in 48 days. This was not possible so they installed a big lingam in which we see 1008 small lingam, which is known as Sahasra lingam. There is a separate sanctum for Sahasra Lingam.

    Vikrama chozhan fought with saneeswaran, and he fell down in Brahma teertham. Saneeswaran followed Chozhan and came to this place, Chozhan worshipped gajasamhara moorthy to resque him. Rathana and Buk Ganapathy
    went to Saneeswaran to calm down. Saneeswarar refused to listen to them, and his leg was wounded. Saneeswarar along with Soorya and Navagraha worshipped Lord Siva and was blessed by him and was known as Saneeswara moorthy from then. There is a separate sanctum for Saneeswarar.

    Balakuraambikai Amman sannidhi is a different temple in the same premises. we see pichadanar and ambal urchava idols in separate sanctum in main temple of Lord Siva. There is a separate sanctum in which we see Gajasamhara moorthy to a mandapam. There is a parihara yanthram installed at the back of Gajasamhara moorthy, they say if we worship and have the darshan of yantram we are relieved of all evil things and we gain knowledge.

    There are stone inscriptions seen in the temple. Sambandhar and Thirunavakkuarasar, made a mention about this place in their hymns. Separate hymns about the temple is not found so the place is considered as Vaippu sthalam.

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