Annan Koil, Thiru vellakulam  

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  1. Annan Koil:

    This is One of Thirunangoore Divya Desa Temples
    The temple is in Thiru Velvikulam 8 kms from Seergazhi. The temple is known as Annan Koil.

    Main Deity is Sri Annan Perumal in standing posture with Sridevi and Bhoodevi facing east. Urchavar is Sreenivasa perumal and Padmavathy Thayar. We see Thayar sannidhi of Poovar Thirumagal Nachiyar as we go around the prakaram. Pushkarani is known as Swetha Pushkarani, which is in front of the temple.

    Sanctums of other deties seen in the temple are Garuda, Kumudha Valli Nachiyar, Nammazwar, and Manavala Ma Munigal.

    Purana: Prince Swethan, son of King Dunduraman of soorya vamsam, was blessed with a life of only 9 years. Knowing this, Swethan had his Upadesam from Marutha Muni. He started penancing here in this place under a Vilva tree after having a dip in Swetha Pushkarani.

    Lord Vishnu was happy with his prayers and blessed him a life like Markandeya.

    Kumudha malar (flower) used to bloom in this pushkarani and Devalokha ladies used to pluck these flowers. Kumudha Valli Thayar with Kumudha malar was brought up by a Brahamin.

    King Thirumangai wanted to marry Kumudha Valli Nachiyar. He had to fulfill certain conditions of hers to marry, finally he was known as Azwar and the King was known as Thirumangai Azwar.

    He married Kumudha Valli Thayar, here in this place. We see a separate sanctum for Kumudha Valli Nachiyar in the temple.

    Importance: Perumal in this place is considered as elder brother of Tirupathy Balaji. Offerings to Balaji of Tirupathy can be offered in this place, if it is not possible for one to give the offerings at, Tirupathy due to various reasons

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