Devikapuram, Thiruvannamalai district  

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Devikapuram: One of the 64 Sakthi Peetam temples

The temple is about 16 kms from Arani.

The place is also known as Kanakagiri, Deviampathi, Devikizhipuram and Narayanavanam.

There is a temple on the top of hill for Lord Siva. One has to climb about 320 steps to reach the temple. Pooja is performed only once in the morning time so the temple is opened only during morning hours. We missed due to our visit to temple was in the evening hour.

Here Swayambu Siva Lingam is known as Ponmalai Nadhar. There is a sanctum for Lord Murugan. Teertham is Agni Teertham and Sthala Vruksham here is Magizha Maram.

In the town, there is a temple for Goddess, with seven tier Rajagopuram and three prakarams

As we enter in we see beautiful sculptures to either sides of walls near the main door.

We see huge mandapam leading us to another inner gopuram. To the front of it Dwajasthambam and Nandi is seen.

There is a huge pillar mandpam with beautiful sculpture to the pillar on it.

Main Deity is Periya nayaki Amman in this temple. She is one of the goddess of 64 Sakthi Peetam.

Teertham is Sivagangai and Sthala Vruksham is Banyan Tree.

There is a separate sanctum for Arumugan. Arunagirinadhar sang Thirupugzh on Lord Arumugan of this temple.

As we go around we see a separate sanctum for Kaameswarar with his consort Kokilambal.

Durgai seen as koshta deivam during our prakara valam

Sthala puranam of the temple: King Ugrasenan penanced here and he was blessed with female child, whom he named as Devaki. Hence the place was known as Devaki puri, which is now known as Devikapuram.

Once a person belonging to Irular sect was plucking root vegetables by digging the ground. This was his job. One day when he was digging under a banian tree on a mountain his axe fell on root and blood started oozing out. He was frightened and fell down unconscious state. That day Lord Siva reveled to him in his dream, about his presence as Linga roopam in that place. Irulan started worshiping Siva Lingam from that day.

Once Pallava King was passing through the place and came to know the details of this Siva Lingam here. He decided if he wins the war against his enemy he would construct a temple for Lord Siva in this place. Pallava King won the battle and he constructed the temple on the hill.

Stone inscriptions are seen in the temple.

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