Kangeyanallore, Murugan temple. Vellore Dt.  

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Kangeyanallore Murugan temple.

The place is about 7kms from Vellore.

The temple has a Raja Gopuram of five tiers.

As we enter in we see Dwajasthambam inside the temple.

Main Deity is Lord Murugan with his consorts Valli and Devanai seen in the marriage form.Urchavar here in the temple is Shanmugar.

We see a small sanctum for Arunagirinadhar here. He sang Hymns on Lord Muruganof this temple.

We find other deities like Selva Vinayakar, Kasi Viswanadhar, Visalakshi, Saraswathy, Lakshmi, Nava warriors of Lord Murugan, Nalwar, Veerabadharar, Naagar, and Bairavar. There is a shrine for Smitra Chandeekeswarar here in the temple.

Krupanandavarrior’s father Malayadasar wanted to construct the temple raja gopuram. He approached Lokanadhar well known as Thirupugazh Swamy at Thiruvannamalai. He was asked to come back after a year for this work. Malayadasarapproached him once again after a year.

Thirupugazh Swamy gave him a rupee coin and vibudhi prasadam and blessed him to start the work of Raja Gopuram. With blessings of Lord the work was completed soon.

We see Adishtanam of Krupnandavarior in front of the Murugan Temple.

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