Sri Chandrasekara Swamy Temple, Kamakoore, Arani, Velore.  

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Kamakoore: Sri Chandrasekara Swamy Temple.

The temple is about 7 kms from Arani, Tiruvannamalai Dt. The temple is very old and it needs renovation. Pooja is performed only twice daily.

The temple has a raja Gopuram and as we enter we see Dwajasthambam, and to the side we see Sanctum for Lord Ganesha.

The place is known as Kamanagar and Kamathoore is changed into kamakoore in present days. There is a sanctum for Kamakshi ammai hence the name for the place is Kamathoore in olden days.

As we go around, after worshipingLord Ganesha, we see entrance in south side for Lord Siva Temple. Here we have darshan of Adigara Nandi and we see Natarajar sannidhi in front of us. Here Lord Natrajar’s posture is different from other places. Here his left leg is on the floor and the right leg is placed from the back of left one in twisted form. The dance Mudra of this kind is known as Chatura Thandavam.

After worshiping Natarajar, we cross dwarabalakar and enter into artha mandapam. In Garbagraham Lord Chandrasekar Swamy is in Linga form. His consort known as Amirthambikai in standing posture is seen in separate sanctum to the side.

As we go around the temple we see sanctum for Arumuga swamy seated on peacock with his consorts Sri Valli and Devani. Arunagirinadhar has sung Thirupugazh on Lord Arumugan of this temple.

As we proceed there is a sanctum for Sahasra Lingam. There is a separate sanctum for Kamakshi ammai who is known as Tripurasundari in this temple. She is holding flower in one hand and sugarcane to the other hand. Sri Chakkram is installed in the sanctum.

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