Yantra Sani Bagawan Temple, Erikuppam, Thiruvannamalai Dt.  

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Erikuppam: Yantra Sani Bagawan Temple.

The temple is about 9kms from Arani to Padavedu route. Arani is about 58kms from Thiruvannamalai and 41kms from Vellore. The temple can be reached through Santhavasal in Thiruvannamalai to Vellore route. Santhavasal is about 3 kms from Erikuppam.

To the entrance of the temple, we see Sani Bagwan in a rath drawn by crows. Paintings of all planets with their vahanas are seen in the walls.

Main Deity is Yantra Sani Bagwan.

Normally we see Sani Bagwan in idol form but here in this temple Sani Bagawan is in Siva Linga form with Yantra in the Lingam. The Siva Lingam is about six feet height placed on a peetam. We see moon and sun on Sivalingam to the upper portion. Crow is seen in the middle in-between Sun and moon. In the middle of Siva Lingam we see Shatkona Yantram with inscriptions of Namasivaya, Beejakshara and Mahalakshmi mantras.

Teertham is Baskara Teertham which is in the field. Water for abishekam is fetched from here.

We see Varasiddhi Vinayakar when we go around the prakaram.

Special abishekam is performed on saturdays between 6-7 am. Vilwamis used for archana here
During Sani peyarchi day (transction of Saturn) pooja is performed for 5 days with Homam. Devotees light lamp with thil oil and worship God.

There was a temple built for Sani Bagwan by a King in olden days. As the years passed the temple disappeared due various reasons and the Lingam was left alone in the open space in the fields. Later the temple was constructed for Sani Bagwan by devotees. There is no roof
for the main sanctum. Sani Bagwan is exposed to sky here.

The temple is open from 6-1pm and from 3- 7 pm in week days and 6 am- 9 pm on all Saturdays without break.

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