Selva Vinayakar temple / Chembakkam Vinayakar, Vellore.  

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Selva Vinayakar temple:

This temple is about 3kms distance from Vellore to Banglore route.

Sthala Vruksham here is Vanni Vruksham, which is too big and it is said to be as old as the temple.

Main Deity is Swayambu Vinayakar. They are eleven in number.

We see Sri Meenakashi Sundareswarar and Kamakshi Ammai at the back of Swayambu Vinayaka Sabha.

Importance of the temple is Kodi maram (dwajasthambam) is within the sanctum. There is no roof top for Vinayakar Sabha. It is exposed to sky. It is believed Rishis and Devas worship in this place.

Earlier days the place was full of Chenbaga tree,hence the place was known as Chenbaga Vanam and which later turned out to be Chempakkam. Swayambu Vinayakar Sabha was known as Swayampakkam in earlier days in due course the name turned as Chenpakkam.

Sthala Puranam: Sri Adi Sankarar visited this place to have darshan of Swayambu moorthy. Here the Swayambu moorthy is in the form of Saligramam. Sri Adi Sankara by his Gyanadrishty (vision) identified the Swayambu moorthams as Vinayakar. To the NE (Esanyam) corner Sri Chakkaram is installed and Navagraham is seen close to this place. Sani Bagawan is facing Swayambu Vinayakar which is special in this place. Visit of Adi Sankara proves the temple is ancient one.

The Swayambu Vinayakar’s in the sanctum is Bala Vinayakar, Natana Vinayakar, Omkara Vinayakar, Karpaga Vinayakar, Chintamani Vinayakar, Selva Vinayakar, Mauyra Vinayakar,
Mooshiga Vinayakar, Vallabha Vinayakar, Siddhi Buddhi Vinayakar, and Panchamukha Vinayakar. Here the place is known as Vinayaka Sabha. Archakar said they are growing in size for every twenty years.

In this Swayambu Vinayaka Moorthy, Bala Vinayakar is always fully immersed in the water. Abishekam is performed for Selva Vinayakar only. We see Elephant installed in front of Selva Vinayakar instead of Mooshikam. This is something unique in this temple. Now they have installed Mooshikam in front of all Swayambu Vinayakar.Eleven Vinayakar, Mooshikam, Elephant and Kodi maram are in Omkara Shape.

Sthala purana says Thukaji Marati Minister was passing through this place in his chariot. Axel of his chariot broke in this place and King saw blood flowing out from the bottom of wheel.Tukaji was stunned and at that time Vinayaka Akashavani was heard. The King was to find out the Swayambu Vinayakar which was eleven in number in this place and install them. Tukaji did as he was told. The mark of chariot wheel is seen on the top of Selva Vinayakar.

Sani Bagwan is athipathi for Vanni Vruksham so, people who are in the grip of Sani and Sani Dosha, and worship Vanni Vruksham of this place. Special pooja is performed here during Vjayadasami day.

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