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Kalakaleswarar Temple, Koil Palayam

The temple is very old one about 1300 years.
The temple is in Govinda puram about 20kms distance from Coimbatore. Travel through Coimbatore to Sathyamangalam Route about 20 kms, we reach Govindapuram. Here take the back road of bus stand to reach the temple.

Temple main entrance. We find Deepa sthambam erected in the centre of a mandapam.

As we enter inside through main entrance we see Nandi in small mandapam and main sanctum of Sri Kalakaleswrar in Linga form. Nandi used to be in green colour like Emerald, with same qualities. Now it is not in that colour

Teertham is Kala Poigai Teertham / Yama Tertham

Sthala Vruksham is Vilvam.

Main Deity is Siva Lingam known as Kalakaleswarar with his consort known as Karunakara Valli in different sanctum. The Siva Lingam is made of spume. So, here in the temple they do not use Curd, Ghee and Panchaamritham for Abishekam.

This Siva Lingam was worshiped by Yama and it was installed in this place by Viswamitra Muni.

Other deities seen in the temple are Kanni Moola Ganapathy,

Lingothbavar as koshta moorthy.

On top of Guru Dakshina Moorthy, there is a Siva Lingam,

Nanjundeswarar in a mandapam and Navagraham. Devotees worship Nanjundeswarar with coconut water for to get rid of the effect of poison

Lord Subramanyar sanctum is in-between Lord Siva and Ambal sanctum in the form of Somaskandam. Subramanyar is known as Kala Subramanyar.

Pillar sculptures.

Sthala Purna says Markandeya life span was only 16 years. His father was worried as Markandeya was growing old. When he learnt about his father’s mental worry he started worshiping Lord Siva. On the last day of his life Markandeya was in Thirukadayoor Temple, with his hands around he tied Siva Lingam and surrendered. Yama tried to take away his life. Lord Siva got angry by Yama’s act and he kicked Yama.
Due to this Yama came to Boolokam as an ordinary person. Yama went to Kowsika puri to worship Lord Siva to get back to his previous assignment.

Here in Kowsika puri to worship Lord Siva, he did not find any stone, Rudraksam or Vibuthi to perform pooja. Yama took a stick and pierced it in the ground. Spume came up and he mixed sand with it and made a Siva Lingam and started his worship. Near by Viswamithra Muni was in penance. Viswamitra muni told Yama by his Siva Pooja his curse has vanished. Yama left for heaven. Viswamitra Muni installed the Siva Lingam which was left there by Yama. The temple was constructed in later years.

Performing Santhi Homam on their Sashti aptha poorthy (completion of 60th birthday), Beemradha Santhi (70th), Sadabishekam (80th) and Kanakabishekam (100th) in this temple is considered good.

There is a temple for Subramanya Swamy next to Kalakaleswarar temple.

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