Sri Balamurugan Temple, Rathnagiri, Vellore.  

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Rathna Giri: Balamurugan Temple. Rathnagiri, Vellore.

The Temple is on small hillock, with Raja Gopuram of five tiers. There are steps leading to top and one can reach the top by vehicle also. We reached by car.

Main deity is Bala Murugan and Urchavar known as Shanmugar.

We see Karpaga Vinayakar here in the mandapam. Urchavar Shanmugar is seen on a stone mandapam which is like a Chariot.

Annabishekam is performed in this place for Lord Murugan as he is considered as Sivaamsam. Since, it is the temple with Bala Murugan as main deity Soorasamharam is not celebrate here in this temple during Skandha Shashti.

Sthala Purana says the temple was there on the hillock. Over a period the pooja performance stopped due to inconvenience in reaching the place. Once a devotee visited the temple and there was no oil to light lamp. He felt sad at heart and a thought of Balamurugan, flickerd in his mind and he became unconscious. Looking at this Poojari went down to bring some one to help him. In the mean time the devotee got up and he wrote a message on the sand. It said he was blessed by Balamurugan and his mind is full of Balamurugan. He wanted to construct the temple and arrange for daily Aradhan for Balamurugan. He sat up and started meditating. Later on the temple was constructed.

Durgai sanctum is seen at the foot hill with Nandi and Simhavahanam to either side.

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