Padavedu Temples.  

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Padavedu Temples:

The place is about 23 kms from Arani, and about 43 kms from Vellore.

In Padavedu there are many temples, which dates back to 12th century and renovated recently. We visited only few temples like Kailasa Vinayakar, Ammaiappa Eswarar Temple, Sri Sadasivan Temple, Sri Varadarajar Temple, Sri Lakshmi Narashimar Temple, and Yoga Ramar Temple.

Padavedu is a place where Rishis and Saints performed penance and attained Mukthi. Saint Jamadagni and Renukamabal resided here in this place. It is the birth place of Parasuramar, one of the Dasavataram of Lord Vishnu. The place is on the banks of Kamandala River. Water from the kamandalam of Jamadagni Muni was dropped here in this place and it took the form of a River which extinguished the fire from Chamundeeswari. Hence River here is known as Kamandala River.

Due to natural disaster the temples in this place were ruined and some vanished in to the sand. Few temples were unearthed and renovated in recent years. Renukambal temple and Yoga Ramar are the older ones.

There is an arch which welcomes devotees to padavedu. As we enter we see greenery everywhere.

  1. Renukambal temple:

    First our visit was to Renukamabal Temple. We had to stand in queue, until the door was opened at 8 in the morning. Here the main Goddess is Swayambu murthy. Goddess Renukamabal is seen only upto neck. At the back of this we see an Amman in full form made of Athi maram (wood). Here Brahma Vishnu and Siva are in Aroopa form.

    Sri Adi Sankarar has installed Bana lingam and Nanakarshna Chakkram.

    There is a temple for Lord Siva near this temple. Main Deity here is Lord Siva in Lingam form Known as Somanadha Eswarar and his consort known as Uma Maheswari in separate sanctum

    Here we also see Lord Vinayakar and Lord Murugan in separate shrines

    Sthala Purana says Padavedu is the place where Jamadagni Rishi, Renukadevi incarnation of Lord Siva and Goddess Paravthy. Parasuramar their son is Lord Vishnu‘s Avataram. Renukadevi used to fetch water in a pot for daily rituals performed by Jamadagni Muni. One day when she was filling water into the pot she saw a Gandarva flying above and she lost herself for sometime due to Maya. She came late with water for her husband to perform the daily rituals. Jamadagni muni knew everything which happed with his power of Yoga Sakthi. He asked his son to chop his mother’s head. None of his sons came forward except Parasurama to do this act. So he cursed his sons to death. Dhobis nearby came to rescue his mother, and even they were killed by Parasurama. Parasurama obeyed his fathers order and chopped his mother’s head. He chopped his own hand as self punishment. Sage was pleased by this act of Parasurama and granted him to ask for two wishes. Parasurama wished for his mother to come alive and the other one wished for the life of his brothers who were cursed by his Father. Sage Jamadagni asked Parasurama to join the head and body of his mother and to sprinkle holy water on everyone to come alive. In his anxiety Parasurama joined the head of his mother to body of a dhobi woman and sprinkled water. Everyone came alive. May be, all incidents happened accordingly as Adi Sakthi wanted it.

    Kamadenu was in Jamdagni’s Ashram. Once when Kartha Veeryarjuna visited the ashram with his battalion, Kamadenu in the ashram of Jamadagni Muni supplied everything required to feed them. The King wanted the Kamadenu in the palace and requested sage to give it to him. Jamadagni Muni refused to do so. He killed the sage took Kamadenu with him. Renuka Devi walked into the fire set for sage Jamadagni, but due to rain the attempt was failure and she came out with boils. She had to dress with neem leaves. Parsurama, when he came to know about all these he vowed to kill every kshatrya king. Brahma, Vishnu and Siva said due to fate everything happened and tried to console Parasurama.

    Lord Siva gave life to Jamadagni muni. Renuka Devi pleaded to Lord Siva that she should be worshiped with her head alone and her body to go to heaven along with Jamadagna muni. Lord Siva accepted and then onwards Renuka Devi is worshiped on earth only with her head.

  2. Kailasa Vinayakar Temple:

    This temple is about a kilometer away from Renukamabl Temple in Ganesa puram. When we went, the doors of sanctum were closed. The upper portion of the door had only rods so we were able to have the darshan of Lord Ganesha. Here Vinayakar is about 5’ in height. We find a board which says the temple was old one and it was constructed by King of Vijayanagaram. In later days Vinayakar was shifted, there was no sanctum for him, but pooja was performed regularly and this was taken care of by a lady.

    We see a Samadhi for the lady nearby within the temple premises. It is written that one should have darshan of the lady's Samadhi and then worship Lord Vinayakar. The temple dates back to 12th century, and ruined completely. The temple was renovated in recent years.

    Plantain grove seen on our way to Ammayappar temple.

  3. Ammayappa Eswarar Temple:

    The temple is about a kilometer to west of Renukambal Temple.

    The temple was built in 1258 BC. The temple was completed buried due to sand storms, and it was excavated in recent years.

    The main Deity is Lord Siva in the form of Lingam known as Ammayappar and his consort known as Aparnambikai in separate sanctum.

    Here in the main mandapam we see a place deeply dug and closed with grill.

    They have clearly mentioned that it is not a hundi. When we asked the Archakar said the idols of the deity were taken out from that place. We see small sanctums for Vinayakar and Lord Subramanyar as we go around Ammayappar sanctum.

  4. Sri Sadasivan Temple:

    The temple is in Vettagiri palayam, Padavedu.

    The temple was closed when went there. The temple has a mandapam in which we see sanctum for Lord Siva and Goddess. As we go around we sanctum for Vinayakar and Subramanyar to either side of the main sanctum. There is a small sanctum for Chandikeswarar.

  5. Varadaraja Perumal temple:

    This temple is in Vettagiri Palayam, Padavedu.

    WE see main entrance of the Varadaraja perumal temple.

    We see Garudazhwar in a small sanctum facing Perumal. Varadaraja perumal is seen in standing posture with Varadha Abhaya hastham.

  6. Sri Lakshmi Narashimar Temple,

    The temple is in Ramanadha Puram, Padavedu.

    This is one of the old temples here. The temple was constructed by King Sambuvarayar. Due to natural disaster the temple was ruined. The temple was reconstructed by devotees in the year 1996 and kumbabishekam was performed.

    Main Deity in the temple is Lakshmi Narashimar with Lakshmi Devi sitting on his right lap. We see Garudazwar to the front of main sanctum.

  7. Murugan temple
    From this place we saw Murugan temple on the hill top known as Nakshtra Kundru. We came to know the temple will be closed at that time. We left the place with hope to visit next time and have darshan of Lord Murugan.

  8. Yoga Ramar Temple:

    The temple is about 1Km from Renukamabal Temple. The temple dates to 12th century.

    There is a Raja Gopuram of three tiers for the temple.

    Main wooden door of the temple has beautiful carvings of Dasavataram.

    Inside the temple we see Garudakambam with copper kavacham

    Main Deity in the temple is Yoga Ramar in Artha Padmasana posture with Chin Mudra. He is seen without kodndam. Goddess Sita and Lakshmana are to either side. We find Hanuman in reading posture with palm leaf in his hand.

    Sthala purana says after the death of Ravana, the demon Mahiravana had to be destroyed. Hanuman took the mission and went to fight with Mahi Ravana who is a great devotee of Goddess Renuka Devi. Hanuman was unable to locate Mahi Ravana who disappeared from the field.Goddess Sita revealed to Hanuman about Mahi Ravana’s ardent belief in Goddess Renuka Devi. His life was hidden in Lotus flower in a pond at Kundalipuram. Hanuman went to Kundalipuram in search of Mahi Ravana. When he went there the pond was not there, so he went to fight with Goddess Renuka Devi who protects his devotee Mahi Ravana. Rama had to pacify both of them. Sri Rama and Hanuman worshiped Goddess Renuka Devi to help them in destroying the Demon Mahi Ravana. They were blessed and the Demon was destroyed by them. So here we see as Yoga Ramar in this place.

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