Thirupankattur Temple, Kancheepuram.  

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  1. Thirupankattore:

    One of 275 important temples of Siva. The temple is about 10 kms from Kancheepuram.

    Main deity: Swayambu linga known as Panangateeswarar and his consort Amirtha valli ammai.

    Teertham is Jada gangai and sundara teertham. Sthala vruksham is Panai tree. The place was full of panai trees, hence the namepanangattore.

    Importance: There are two deities one worshipped by Agasthiar and the other by Pulasthiar muni known as Krupadeeswarar and Krpagambikai. The temple is constructed in Gajaprushta form (elephant back).

    When Sundarar visited this place Siva appeared before him in the form of an old man and offered food. Sundarar laughed at him and said when there is no water what of food, and asked him who are you?

    The old man said I live at panangattore and he scratched the land under his leg and water started flowing. The old man disappeared sundarar was surprised and he tried to understand what the old man said and he sighted out the temple and visited.

    Sundarar sang hymns on Siva of this place. Teertham is named after him and people say the level is just 3’even today.

Thiruvothoor and Kuranganil mootam temple.  

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  1. Thiruvothoor:

    This is one of 275 important temples of Siva.

    The temple is about 28 kms from Kancheepuram in cheyar.

    Main deity: Swayambu lingam known as Vedanadhar and his consort Elamula nayakai.

    Teertham is Cheyar and Kalyana teertham. Sthala vrukaham isPanai.

    Importance: Siva preached meaning of veda to Devas and munis in this place, hence the name Thiruvothoor. Vishnu worshipped Siva here and got his chakrayudam. We can see his sculpture in the name of Adi Kesava perumal.

    Nandi before kodimaram is facing the entrance. Sambandhar sang and transformed male panai trees to female panai trees here.

    We see stone sculpture of the tree in temple premises with Siva linga under it and Sambandharworshipping Siva here.

    Smbandhar sang hymns and Navakku arasar has mentioned in his work. Arunagirinadhar sang Thirupugazh.

  2. Kuranganilmootam:

    One of 275important temples of Siva.

    The temple is about 8kms to SW of Kanchepuram, South of palar river.Buses from kanchi to vandavasi or cheyar alight at doosi and 2kms from there.

    Main deity: Swayambu lingam known as Valeeswarar and Valai ammai.

    Sthala vruksham is Elanndi.

    Importance: The place is surrounded by fields. Vaali Yama and Indra worshipped Siva of this place in the form of monkey, Squriel and Crow. This shows that the animals and birds have worshipped and attained mukthi.

    Vaali worshipped and hence the name Vaaleswarar.Other deities like Vinakaya, Subramanya, Kasi viswanadhar, Visalakshi, Durgai, Brahma, Chandeeswarar, Bairavar Vishnu, Sapthamadhar, Dakshinamoorthy, and Navagraha are there. Sambandhar sang hymns on Siva here.

Ulagalandha Perumal, Pavalavanna Perumal and Pachi vann Perumal Temple. Kancheepuram  

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  1. Ulagandha perumal:

    one of 108 Divya desam. the temple is near Kamakshi amman temple.

    Main deity: Ulagalandha perumal of 35’ height and 24’width. His left leg lifted up to sky and 2 fingers of left hand and one finger of right lifted up. We see Aranaravalli thayar in different sanctum. Teertham is Naga teertham.

    Importance: During Vamana avathara Vishnu asked for 3 steps of land from Mahaballi, who agreed to give Vishnu. Mahabali was under the feet of vamana and was unable to lift and see the complete form of Vamana.

    He penanced here, and Vamana was pleased and reappeared infront of him and even then he was not able to see the complete form, to his request he is in the form of Adiseshan in the same temple.

    There are other three deities also in the same temple which were once up on a time in different places nearby which is unknown.

    Thiru Neeragam:

    one of 108 Divya desam. Sri jagadeesa perumal and Neelamangala valli thayar are main deity. The teertham here is known as Akrura teertham.

    Thiru Karagam

    one of 108 Divya desam.

    Main deity: is Thiru Karunakara perumal and his consort Padamamani nachiyar.
    Thiru Karvanam: one of108 Divya desam.

    Main deity:Kalvar with Bhoodevi and Sridevi. Kamalavalli nachiyar in different sanctum.

  2. Thiru pavalavanna perumal:

    One of 108 Divya desam.

    The temple is about 1kms distance from kamakshi temple.

    Main deity:Pavala vanna perumal in standing posture and pravaravalli thayar.
    Teertham: Chakkra teertham.

    Importance: The main deity is of red shade which is unique. When Saraswathi sent asuras to spoil the yagam done by Brahma, Vishnu came to rescue of Brahma and fought with asuras and he was with blood stains so the colour for pavala vannar.

  3. Pachai vannar:

    Vishnu temple.The temple is to the other end of Pavalavannar perumal street.

    Importance: Brugu maharishi performed yaga here to have laksmi devi as his daughter and he married her to Vishnu here.

Thiru Padgm and Varadaraja Perumal Temple. Kancheepuram.  

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  1. Thiru padagam :

    one of 108 Divyadesam. The temple is near Ekambaranadhar temple.

    Teertham is Mathsya teertham.

    Main deity: is Pandavadootha perumal in sitting posture. The height is 28’. We see thayar Rukmani devi in different sanctum.

    Importance: king Janameyajeyan listen to story of Mahabaratha from Vaisambhavana muni. Sri krishna when he went to Hastinapuri as a mesanger of pandavas he reveled his Viswaroopa darshan.

    The king wanted to have the same kind of darshan of Vishnu so he performed a Aswameda yaga here in this place. Purna says that his wish was fulfilled. The temple is 1000years old and was built by King Rajakesari varman.

  2. Varadharajaperumal temple:

    One of 108 Divya desam. the temple is in Chinna Kancheepuram.

    Main deity: Varadharajaperumal and his consort Perundevi thayar. Teertham is Vegavathi, Ananthasaras Brahma teertham and well.

    Importance: The main sanctum is 40’height with 43 steps to go. In the basement we see Azhagiya Singa perumal in sitting posture and Arithra devi thayar. Lord Vishnu in the form of mountain was holded by Iravathi. Hence the name Athigiri.

    Varadaraja perumal
    in punyakoti viman came down to bless Brahma for the yagam he performed. Brugu muni, Naradha, Saraswathhi and indra were blessed by Varadharajar. Hayman and Sukran were transformed into lizard for their sin and they penenced here and were blessed by Vishnu. There are two lizards to the roof of temple and everyone is allowed to touch them and will be relieved of all ailments.

    Atthi Varadhar is of wood and it is kept in anantha saras teertha, is taken out once in 40 years and pooja is performed. Devotees can have darshan of him at that time. We see Chakrathazhwar in separate sanctum near Ananthasaras teertham and at the back Adi seshan holding Narashima moorthy.

Thiruvekka and Thiru thangal temple. Kancheepuram.  

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  1. Thiruvekka:

    This temple is known as Yadodhakari, one of 108 Divyadesam.

    The temple is near Rangaswamy tank, small kanchipurm.

    Main deity is Sonnavannam seidha perumal in sleeping posture and Kamalavalli thayar in different sanctum. Teertham is Poighai teertham.

    Importance: Saraswathi river started flowing as Vegavathi river to disturb the yagam performed by Brahma. Vishnu came to rescue, on the request Brahma to stop the river flowing down. Vishnu laid down on Adiseshan to stop the flow of river. Vegavathi stopped due to shyness and hence the name Vecca.

    Poighai Azhwar took birth in a lotus flower represnting panchajanyam. Thirumishai Azhwar left the place in search of Karrikannan and he asked Vishnu of this place to join him. Vishnu rolled Adisesha took him in his hand and followed him.

    Once Vishnu left the place the whole town faced problem, the king realised his mistake of sending them away and he begged Azhwar to forgive and return back Knchi. Azhwar was pleased and he asked Vishnu to follow him once again and reside in same place. Since Vishnu did as he was asked by Azhwar the name Sonnavannam seitha perumal

    In this place the rarity is Vishnu has placed his head to south side.

  2. Thiru Thangal: 0ne of 108 Vishnu temples known as Vilakoli perumal.
    The temple is to west of Ashtabuyakaram temple.

    Main deity: Deepa prakasar and his consort Maragdha valli thayar. Teertham is Saraswthi teertham.

    As per purana once, Without informing Saraswathi, Brahma started performing yagam in a nandavanam which was cool, hence the name Thanga. She was not happy about this and requested asura named mayanalam to help her in disturbing the precedings of yagam.

    Asura made the world dark by his powers. Brahma in turn sought the help of Vishnu to perform his yagam without interuption. Vishnu came to his resque with a lamp in his hand and hence the nameDeepaprakasar.

  1. Ashtabuyakarm:

    One of 108 Divya desam.The temple is to South of Rangaswamy tank small kanci.

    Main deity is Adi kesava perumal in standing posture with ashta bujam having chakkrm, knife, flower, arrow, sanku, bow, kedayam and gadha. We see Alemelumanga thayar in different sanctum.Teertham is Gajendra pushkarani.

    Importance: Ashtabuyakaram name is due to Vishnu taking this form to control the asuras who were disturbing the yagam of  Brahma. Mahasudha muni was in penancing here.

    Indra was worried of his seat and he deva kanyas to disturb muni and kanyas took the form of elephant and diverted munis attention. He changed himself into an elephant and started living with them. After many years he came to know that he was fooled by them. Once when he realised his mistake he approached Markendaya muni to help him out.

    Muni asked him to worship Vishnu in this place Ashtabuyakaram. He worshipped vishnu with lotus flower, in the same form of elephant. One day the elephant’s leg was caught by a crocodile and to free himself the elephant took the name of Vishnu as Narayana and he was rescued by Vishnu and attained his previous form of human being.

  2. Thiru vellukai:

    one of 108 Divyadesam. The temple is opposite to Vilakoli perumal temple.

    Main deity: Sri Azhagiya Singaperumal in sitting posture and his consort Sri Vellukai valli thayar in different sanctum. Teertham is Kanakasaras teertham.

    Importance: Lord vishnu took the form of Narashimam and started chasing the Asuras, when he came to this place it was cool and nice. Asuras were not to be seen, he liked the place and he stayed back there to take care if asuras return again. He is in Yoga form here.


Katchabeswarar and Onan Kandhan thali Temple. Kanchi.  

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  1. Katchabeswarar: Siva temple.

    The temple is in Raja veedhi 1kms from Ekambaranadhar temple.

    Main deity: Swayambu linga known as Katchabeswarar and Soundrambikai ammai.
    Teertham is Eshta siddhi teertham.

    Importance: During koormavatara time Vishnu worshipped Siva here and hence the name Katchabeswarar. Brahma and Saraswathi worshipped here, to get the blessings of Siva for his work of creation. Asura guru Sukracharya worshipped here to get mruthsangeevini and Vajrayakkai.

    There are other deities like Chaturmukeswarar, Saraswathi, Vinayakar, Sastha and Bairavar. Around the pond we have temples of Dharma siddeswarar, Kama siddheswarar, Artha siddheeswarar and Moksha siddeswarar.

  2. Thiru Onan Kandhan thali:

    One of 275 important temples of Siva. the temple is near Panjupettai electricity sub station about a kms from Ekambaranadhar temple.

    Main deity: Onakandeeswarar and Kamakshi amman. Teertham is Onakandhan teertham.

    Importance: There are two deities Oneswarar and Kandeswarar in different sanctum. Asurars Onan and Kandan comander in chief of Vanasuran worshipped here. Sundarar sang hymns on Siva here.

    There is a story that when Sundarar sang hymns Siva hidded himself in tamarind tree nearby and when he sang another song Siva was pleased and dropped tamarinds from the tree which turned into golden coins.

Kamakshi and Ekambaranadhar Temple. Kancheepuram.  

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Temples of Kanchi Town:

The place is 75kms from chennai, bus and train services available.

  1. Kanchi Kamakshi temple:

    This is known as Adi sakthi peetam and one of pancha boodha kshetram.Sthala vruksham is Sanbagam.

    Importance: The temple is known as Kamakottam. Brahma Vishnu and Rudra were creations of her eyes, hence the name Kamakshi. Here kamakshi is in sitting posture with four hands and penancing. Adi Sankara has kept Srichakra in front of kamakshi to cool her.

    Inside the main sanctum we see Klla perumal, Soundra lakshmi and Arupa lakshmi. The kumkum prasadam should be first put in front of Arupa lakshmi and then we should take it from there. After worshipping Kamakshi when we come out in front we see Annapoorani.

    Kalla perumal inside the kamakshi sanctum is one of 108 important vishnu sthalam. When we go around the temple in front of the pond we see vishnu in different temple in three posture sitting, standing and sleeping.

  2. Ekambaranadhar Temple:

    one of 275 Siva Devara sthalam.

    Here Siva is in the form of linga known as Ekambaranadhar and his consort Elavarkuzhali ammai. Teertham is Siva ganga teertham and Kamba river.

    Sthala vruksham is 3600yrs old mango tree with 4 branches, related to vedas. Unfortunately the tree is no more in now.

    Importance: this is one of the Pancha boodha kshetram. The linga is made of sand. The main Raja gopuram was constructed by krishna devarayar

    There other deities like vikata chakra vinayakar, Arumugar, 1008 and108 lingas, Vellai kambar, kallakambar, nallakambar, 63 nayanmars, Markendeyar, Bikshadanar, Nataraja, Nilathunda perumal, pralayankattha ammai and Navagraha.

    As per Purana, once parvathi closed the eyes of Siva for fun and the whole universe went dark and Siva was angry with her for doing so. She was punished for her act. She chose the place near Kamba river and made a lingam of mud, placed it under Ekamba tree and started her worship. One day due to flood the whole town was of water and she embraced Siva linga to protect him from dissolving in flood water and started doing her worship. Siva was pleased with her devotion and he agrees to marry her.

    We can see both Siva and parvathi together at the back of linga in main sanctum.
    Vellakambar worshipped by Brahma, kallakambar by Vishnu and Nallakambar by Rudra.

    Sambandhar, Navakkuarasar and Sundrar sang hymns on siva here. Arunagirindhar sang Thirupugazh on Subramanya.

    On Ratha sapthimi day sunrays falls on Siva here. Ganapathy near gopura vasal is on peacock which is different here.

  3. Nilathunda perumal:

    One of 108 important Vishnu sthalam.
    Main deity is Neelathunda perumal standing posture with sapthagnaga.
    The deity is to north east side of Ekambereswarar within the temple premises

    Importance: At the time of churnning of occan to get nectar, the God of occan Vishnu’s body became warm and to cool himself he does penance here and the moon rays from Siva’s head falls on vishnu.

Kumarakkottam, Jurahareswarar, Kailasanadhar, Kachi Anekathangradham, Thiru Metrali and Kayaroganar Temple. Kanchi.  

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  1. Kumarak kottam:

    Subramanyaswamy Temple.

    Importance: Subramanya asked the meaning of pranava to Brahma the creator, he was not able to explain properly, so Subramanya captured him in a room and did allow him to do his work of creation. When the issue was taken to the notice of Siva he asked Subramanya to release brahma but he did not do so. Subramanya made a siva linga known as Devasenapadeesar and worshipped him and he was blessed by siva.

    Arunagirinadhar sang thirupugazh on Subramanya here.

  2. Jurahareswarar Temple: Siva temple.

    The temple is to the south of sannidhi street of Ekambaranadhar temple.

    Main deity: siva in lingam form known as Jurahareswarar.

    Importance: Asura samhara of Sukran by Siva was in this place. Devas worshipped in this place to cure themselves from disease due to heat.

  3. Kailasanadhar temple: Siva temple.

    The temple is to west of putheri street, 2kms from Ekamberaswarar temple.

    Main deity: Siva in the form of linga with 16 stripes.

    Importance: This is first temple made of stones and built by Raja sinha pallava. After the completion of the temple they fixed a date for Kumbabishekam. Siva in Kings dream asked him to postphone the kumbabishekam date because he had to honour the invitation of poosalar temple’s kumbabishekam at Thirunindravoor

    This is inscribed and Sekezhiar has also mentioned this in his work. Narada and Vishnu worshipped here to get rid of their sins. We have a small passage here to go round the deity in which we have to crawl and get into enter in.

    Archelogical department has taken the temple now.

  4. Kachi Anekathangaradham temple:

    One of 275 important temples of Siva.
    West of putheri street and on the way to Kailasanadhar temple.

    Main deity: Swayambu linga known as Anekathagavadeswarar and his consort kamakshi amman.

    Importance: Vinayaka worshipped in this place and hence the name Anekabesuram. Kubera worshipped here. Sundarar sang hymns on Siva here.

  5. Thiru Metrali:

    One of 275important Siva temple. the temple is 2kms from Ekambaranadhar temple in Pillyar palayam sanndhi street.

    Main deity: Thiru Metrali nadhar and his consort Kamakshi amman
    Teertham is Vishnu teertham.

    Importance: There are two linga here, known as Metralinadhar facing towards east and the other one Vishnu linga facing towards west. Vishnu worshipped Siva here to attain Sivasaroobyam.

    Sambandar sang hyms on Siva here standing at the end of the road and hearing this vishnu was deeply touched and melted into linga form. Sambandhar also attained Sivasaroobyam here. Budha one of the navagraha worshipped Siva here.

  6. Kachi Kayaroganar:

    This a siva temple near pillarpalayam pond.

    Main deity: Kayaroganeswarar and Kamakshi amman.

    Importance: When Vishnu and Brahma were nearing their end Siva who is beyond time limit took both of them to his shoulder and started dancing and hence the name Kayaroganar. Lakshmi worshipped Siva here.

Thiru Erumbai magalam and Tthiruvakkarai temple. Pondicherry to Dindivanam.  

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  1. Thiru Erumbai magalam:

    One of 275 Siva Devara sthalam.

    The place is reached by, Pondicherry to Dindivanam via Killianoor stop at Thiruchitrambalam cross road and 3kms from there.

    Main deity: Thiru Makaleeswarar and his consort Kuilmozhi nayaki.

    Importance: Due to the penance of Karuvelachittar drought occurred and King was worried and he wanted to disturb him. Devadasi (dancer who dance in temple) was requested by the king to help him. She reached the place of chittar and he was disturbed by her presence, and he started living with her.

    Once when she was dancing in the temple her anklet fell down, and chittar tried to put the anklet without disturbing her dance. People around started making fun of him.

    chittar was annoyed and started singing about Lord Siva, to the surprise of everyone the linga broke into 8 pieces. King was worried again and he realised his mistake and asked chittar to pardon him.

    Once again chittar sang a song and the linga pieces joined together. From that day they put kavacam to linga and started worshipping. King made another linga to replace the one that is broken, but in his dream he was told not to do so by Siva. The new idol is to north side of the temple.

    Mahakalar worshipped in this place and hence the name Makaleeswarar. Sambandhar visied and sang hymns on Siva.

  2. Thiruvakkarai:

    One of 275 important Siva temple.

    Dindivanam to Pondy via Mylam, stop at Perumpakkam and 7kms from there.Buses are available from Dindivanam.Sthala vruksham is Vilvam.

    Main deity: Swayambu linga known as Chandra shekarar and Vadivambikai in different sanctum. Sthala vruksham is Vilvam.

    Name: Vakrausaran worshipped Siva here and was killed by Vishnu, hence the name Thiru Vakkarai.

    Other deities like Durgi, Vinayakar, Dakshina moorhy, Lakshmi, Arumugar, Bairavar, Chandran, Vishnu in standing posture, Navagrahas and Sahara linga.

    Importance: Vishnu fought with Vakkrasura and blood started oozing out and asuras were multiplied in number. Vakkra kali was sent to drink the blood without falling on the ground. We see Vishnu at the back of Vakkra kali amman. She has baby like thing in her right ear. They say she fought with vakkrasuran sister who was pregnant at that time out of soft corner she adorned the baby of womb, in her ear.

    Nataraja here, stands on his left leg and the right one lifted in up in air and the thandavam known as Rudra thandavam. Opposite to Vakkra kali linga known as Vakkralinga worshipped by Vakkrasura. This linga is cool during summer and water drops are seen on top portion of linga during rainy season.

    Main entrance, Nandi, Dwajasthamba and main deity are not in a straight line in this temple as a rule.We see Varadaja perumal in standing posture with abya hastham, sanku and with prayoga chakkra in his hand.

    Sani graha is also different with his vahana crow to left. People who suffer of vakkra grahas can worship in this place and prosper in life.

Panchavadi and Thiru Arisili Temple. Pondicherry to Dindivanam.  

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  1. Panchavadi:

    Pancha mukha anjaneyar. the place is 9kms from pondy,to Dindivanam route.

    Main deity: pancha mukha anjaneyar of 36’ height. The five faces represents Garuda, Hyagreeva, Narashima,Vamana and Anjeneya.

    Importance: One day in his fight with Rama, Ravana was helpless and was asked to return next day with his armies to continue the fight. Ravana took the help ofMailravana

    Mail ravana will die only when all the 5 gaint bee's (vandu) are killed at the same time. Rama knew the secret and he gave all his powers to Anjaneya. He was also blessed with the powers of Garuda, Hyagreeva, Narashima and Varaha.

    That is how pancha mukha anjaneya came to help people in their difficulties when they worship him.

  2. Thiru Arisili:

    One of 275 Devara sthalam.

    The place is reached from Pondicherri to Dindivanam via Kiliyanoor, Stop at Ozundiyapattu and 1.5kms from there. From Dindivanam it is 2.5kms.

    Main deity: Swayambu linga known as Arisili nadhar and his consort Periya nayaki ammai. Sthala vruksham: Arasa vruksham.

    Importance : The linga is in small size and goddess in different sanctum. Other deities likeGanapathy, Subramanya with Valli and Devanai, Chandeeswarar and navagraha.

    Purana says King Sathyavradhandevotee of Siva developed an nandavanam (garden) with flowering plants, useful for his worship. Unfortunately something was eating all his plants and spoiling his nandavanam. King was angry and he started watching the nandavanam.

    He came across a deer which was grazing and he tried to kill it. The deer escaped into a bush and from there a hunter came and started fighting with King. After sometime the hunter disappeared inside the bush. King was surprised and started clearing the bush and he found a linga there and he built a temple and named him as Arisili nadhar.

    Sambandhar visited and sang hymns on Siva.

    The temple timing is 7-12am and 4-7pm.

Temples around Kancheepuram  

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  1. Mylam:

    Subramanya swamy temple. 10kms from Dindivanam.

    Main deity is Viswanadhar and his consort Visalakshi ammai.Teertham is Varaha river. Sthala vruksham:Punnai.

    Importance: After the samharam of asura Sura by lord Subramanya, sura requested that he wishes to be a vahana for Murugan. Sura was asked to penance at Varaha River by subramanya. Sura took the form of peacock and started the penance.

    Subramanya was pleased and accepet him as a peacock vahana in this place. Lord Subramanya in kalyana Kolam with Valli and Devannai. Arunagirinadhar sang Thirupugazh on Murugan here.

  2. Dindivanam:

    One of 275 important Siva temples. the place is about 37 kms from vizhupuram.

    Main deity: Swayambu linga known as Thiru Trineeswararand his consort Maragadavalli amman. Sthala vruksham is Tamrind tree.

    Impotance: The linga is under the tamrind tree, hence the name Trineeswarar. There deities like Ganesha, Subramanya, Durgai, Lingothbavar, Dakshina moorthy, Navagraha and chandeeswarar are there.

    Navukkarasar sang hymns on Siva here.

  3. Mel malayanur:

    Angala parameswari temple. The place is about 20kms from senchi and 30 kms from Thiruvannamalai.

    Importance : Full moon day and half moon day are important in this temple. Vinayaka in standing posture.

  4. Thiru Achirrupakkam:

    One of 275 important temples of Siva. The place is about 16 kms from Madhuranthakam.

    Main deity: Swayambu linga known as Yamadeesar and Balambikai, the other one known as Umaiyadeesar and melilayal.Sthala vruksham is Kondrai.Teertham is Deva teertham, Sanku teertham and Bhanu teertham.

    Importance: There are two dities in the temple. Dwajasthamba and Nandi are not in straight line to main entrance but they are In a line to Yamayadheesar which is old swayambu linga. The second linga was installed by pandya king in later days.

    AS per Purana Lord Siva on his mission of Thirupra samhara did not worship Ganesha so axle of Siva’s charriot broke, in this place and after worshipping Ganesha they were able to proceed further. Hence he name Achirupakkam.

    Pandya king came to know from hunters that everyday a cow was pouring milk on a bush and king asked them to clear the bush, at that time they saw a udumbu (lizard family) and threw a arrow on it. They saw blood oozing out and when they cleared it they found a Siva linga which was kept in the temple by the King known as Umadeesar.

    Sambandhar and Appar sang hymns on Siva here.

  5. Mel maruvathoor:

    Adi praskthi. The plce is bout 92 kms from Chenni to Dindivanam.

    Importance: some 35 years back it was a small temple in a small village. Now with dedication and devotion of Bangaru Adigalar the temple has expanded and lot of devotees. Adi parasakthi organisation is formed and it spread all over the county like a banian tree. Many trusts are formed under the organisaion. There are schools colleges and hospital of their own.

  6. Thiru Edaichuram

    One of the 275 important temples of Siva.The place is about 7 kms from chengalpet to thiruppoorer we reach thirukadaichuram.

    Main deity: Swyambu linga known as Edaichuranadhar and his consort known as Emayamadakkodi ammai. they are also known as Gyanapureeswarar and Govardhanambikai. Teertham is Mdhura teertham.Sthala vruksham is Padhiri.

    Importance: The village is inbetween two mountains so the name Edaichurram. Swayambu maragadha linga which gllitters during harathi time.

    Sanathkumarar and Gowathama muni worshiped Siva here. Other deities like Vara siddhi vinayakar, Brahamandeeswarar, Subramanya and others are there.

    Sambandhar sang hymns on siva here.

  7. Dhanvanthri temple:

    This is a recent temple. God Dhavanthri heals ailments. During the churning of paarkadal, Danvanthri came out from the occan.The temple is 5kms from Valajapet.

  8. Kasi Viswanadhar and Visalakshi ammai.

    The temple is in Valaja town. By visiting this temple fear of yama will not be there. Kala bairavar and Sani are opposite to each other and it is a sani dosha nivarthi sthalam.

  9. Konda puram:

    This temple is 20kms away from Kancheepurm in Kaveripakkam.

    Main deity: Swayambu linga knnown as Pancha lingaeswara and Kamakshi. The pancha lingas were made by Kamakshi representing pancha boodha and worshipped here before starting her penance near Kamba river.

  10. Thirupukuzhi:

    One of 108 Divya desam. the place is about 10 kms from kancheepuram. The temple is ½ km inside from the main road.

    Main deity: Vijaya ragava perumal in sitting posture and Maragadavalli thayar in different sanctum. Teertham is Jatayu teertham.

    Importance: Women who want to concieve come here. They fry some green gram wash it and tie that to their stomach and sleep in the temple premises that night and next day if it sproutes their wish is fulfilled.

    Yadava prakasar guru of Ramanujar preached vedanta here. Rama when he was in search of  Sita he performed last rituals of jatayu here. Pond was made by Rama known as Jatayu teerrtham. Jatayu attained moksha here.

Thiruvanmayoor, Solinganaloore, Thiruvidanthy, Thiruporoor and Thiru kadalmallai temple.  

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Kanchi Temples
We happen to read a book written by sri. J.c.Murali about old temples of south india.We were inspired and planned to visit as many temples as possible.Our thanks to him, for inspiring, our attention towards the age old temples.

Every temple as its own importance and many a places it is in Swayambu linga form. 275 Siva temples are known as Devara sthalam were Navakkuarsar, Manikkavachakar, Appar and Sundarar (who are known as saiva kuravas) ardent devotees of Siva sang hymns on siva.

There are 108 vishnu temples which are important known as Divya desams. Our first such tour was to Kanchi, south india and places around. We planned to visit important Vishnu temples also which are nearby. The temples date back to 8 and 9th century. It was a 6 day tour from 21st feb 2006.

Kanchi: During pallava times it was their capital. The place is well known for temples and silk sarees. We started our tour from chennai . We were able to cover 90% only, due to temple timinges.

Bus facility is available to all the places except few. Some places are too small villages, were nothing is available for tourists. We made our trip by taxi so that we can cover many places. We were 5 in number and our cost worked out to Rs2500 per head including room and food.

  1. Thiruvanmayoor:

    One of 275 important Siva Devara Sthalams. The temple is to south coast of chennai city about 8kms.

    Main deity: Swayambu linga known as Marundeeswarar and Tripura Sundari.
    Sthala vruksham Vanni. Teertham is Papanasini teertham.

    Valmiki muni worshipped Siva and hence the name Vanmeeka nadhar.Kamadenu worshipped and he was known as Palvanna nadhar.Agysthta worshipped and preached about Oushadha, (muligi) their importance, nature, and cure. So he is called as Oushadeeswarar. Devas worshipped and he is known as Vedapureeswarar.

    Importance: The main deiy is about 1’ height slightly slanting and hooves marks on the linga. Goddess Tripurasundari in different sanctum standing posture with abaya vardha mudra. "Srichakra" is there in front of her.

    Sthala purana says there are 5 teertham Janma nasini, Kama nasini, papa nasini, Gyana dhayini and Moksha nasini which are from jada mudi of Siva.

    Navakkuarasar and Sambandar sang hymns on Siva.Arunagirinadhar sang Thirupugazh on Murugan of this place. Saint Thyagaraja idol is noted one in temple. We see Subramanya with right leg on peacock with bow in his hand.

  2. Solinganallore:

    On our way to Thiruvidanthy we visited this place. we saw Manthra varahi, Neela Saraswathi, and Prathyangira devi. All the idols are big in size

  3. Thiruvidanthy:

    One of 108 Divya Desa Temples of Vishnu. The place is on the way from chennai to Mahabalipuram via (Kovalam) about 40kms distance from chennai.

    Main deity is Lakshmi Varaha perumal standing posture.Utsavar is Nithya kalyana perumal and Komavalli thayar. Teertham is Kalyana teertham and Varaha teertham.

    Importance: Varha perumal married 360 daughers of Klava maharishi and he is known as Nithya Kalyana perumal. All 360 were united into one, and named as Lakshmi who is seen on his lap, hence the name Thiru Vidanthay.

  4. Thiru poroor:

    This is Siva temple and well known for Subrayamanya swamy.
    The place is about 25kms from chengalpet.

    Main deity: Swayambu linga known as Vanmeega nadhar and Swayambu Subramaniyar with Valli and Devanai. Teertham is Saravana pogzhai.Sthala vruksham is Vanni.

    Vishnu to overcome the curse of and Kanva muni, worshipped Lord Siva here and was blessed. Subramanya fought with asuras and preached gyana in this place.

  5. Thiru kadal mallai:

    One of 108 Divya desams temple. The place is about 60kms from Chennai or 15kms from Thiru vidanthai.

    Main deity: Sthala sayana perumal sleeping posure, bujanga sayanam with his right hand on his chest as upadesa mudra.

  6. Mahabalipuram:

    It is sea shore 50 kms from chenni. We have a temple, five charriots made of stones with rich carvings, stone elephant, etc. Holiday resorts are there.