Melacheruvu Siva temple.  

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Melacheruvu Someswara swamy, wadapalli Agasteeswara swamy and Chejerla Kapodeeswara Swamy, all three temples sthala puranam seems to be the same.
They say the three kshetras are a group.

Sthala puranam: A hunter aimed at a dove which took shelter in to the temple of shiva.So, when the hunter asked for the dove Siva refused and in turn he asked him to take his flesh. There was no choice for the hunter and he removed flesh from the top of Shiva lingam. The cut we see on the top of Shiva lingams relates itself to the sthala puranam.

We visited Melacheruvu and Wadapalli on the same day. Chejerla, Kapotheeswara swamy temple, of Guntur District, we visited some 20 years back, so I hardly remember about the temple. I wish I will be able to visit the place some time.

  1. Melacheruvu:

    Someswara Swamy and Ishta Kameswari Ambal.

    The temple dates back to some 6000 years.The present structure of the temple is of 600 years old. The temple is small one with place left around.

    According to purana the Siva lingam was installed by Agastaya muni.
    As we enter we find a huge Dwajasthambam. Kala bairawar near the dwajasthambam is seen. Nandi is a huge one near the dwajasthambam opposite to Main deity Someswara lingam.

    Archakar say, the main lingam is growing. We find a small hole on top of the main lingam, where water is there always and it does not overflow. Poojari sprinkles the water from there on devotees.

    They say once they tried to find how deep the hole is and where the water comes from. They were not able to find out and when they removed the thread which they used to find the depth was with blood to the tip. They believe it is Ganga water on the Siva lingam and that is given as teertha prasadam.

    We see Goddess Ishta kameswari in different santum with separate dwajasthambam.
    Something unique about the goddess is we see Siva linga in her hand. Navagrahas are installed at little distance in separate sanctum.

    The place is a small town and there are not much of facilities available and the temple is opened in the morning. We were lucky enough to get the darshan of lord Siva.

    This temple is about 10 Kms from Mattapalli, Narashima Kshetram and that was how we
    visited. I have mentioned abort the route in my visit to pancha Narashima kshetram.

  2. Wadapalli:

    Agastheeswara Swamy Swamy and Meenakashi Ambal.

    The temple is near Lakshmi Narashima Swamy temple of wadapalli.
    The location and route is mentioned in my visit to pancha Narashima kshetram.
    The temple premise is big but sanctum is small one.

    We have darshan of dwajasthambam and nandi. We see Ganesha and Subramanya to either side of the main sanctum. Inside we have the darshan of Lord Siva in the form of huge lingam. We can find the opening on the top of Shiva lingam, where we see it’s full of water. It appears as opened mouth. Even here teertha prasadam and water is sprinkled on devotees from the water taken from the Siva lingam.

    Goddess Meenakshi is seen in separate room close to main deity Lord Siva. We see Agyasthaya muni and Lopamudra sculpture in the sanctum.

    The temple is as old as 6000 years, and the present structure is 600 years old.
    The temple is on the bank of Krishnaveni River.

    The atmosphere is very peaceful and green. We have darshan of Navagrahas in a separate sanctum away from the main temple.

  3. Chejerla: This temple is in Guntur district. Main deity here is Lord Siva in Lingam form known as Kapotheeswar.