Kapotheswara swamy, Kadali,East godavari District.  

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  1. Kadali: Kapotheeswara swamy.

    The temple dates to 15-16th century. It is 95 kms from Kakinada and 71Kms from Rajamandry of east Godavari district.

    Main deity: Swayambu Siva lingam known as Kapotheeswara Swamy.

    Importance: something unique about the temple is we see the impressions of head, wings and tail of "Dove" on Siva lingam, to both side’s front and back, which is only one of its kinds. Subramanyar is in the form of Nagar here.

    There is a pond in front of the temple which is known as Kapotha kundam where Ganges flows as Antharvahani. The place is considered as “Dakshina Kasi”, because even here there is a burial ground near the temple, like Kasi kshetram.

    The other deities which we see while going around the temple are Ganesha, veera Badrar & Badra kali to one sanctum, Valli Devasena sameda Subramanaya Swamy, Kumara swamy, Sita Ramar Durgai, Navagraham, Kala bairavar and Soorya Narayanar in linga form in different sanctums. Janardhana Swamy if Kshetra palakar and he is in a small separate sanctum.

    Importance: Sri jagadguru Adi sankaracharya visited the temple and he has installed "Sri chakra sahitha Sri Bala thripura sundari devi".

    Purana says once a hunter was out for hunting and that day it was raining and the weather was chill and he was unable to proceed. He was hungry and he rested under a tree. On the branches of the tree there were two doves sitting.

    They saw the hunter who took shelter under the tree. They thought he is their guest and wanted to do the needful. They picked bark pieces and made fire out of it and they dropped their nest and fell into it. They did so, to be meal for the hunter who is their guest.

    Hunter was moved by their act and he lit fire and fell into it. Lord Siva was happy with the birds thinking , and he revealed himself, to the doves and gave them siva kaivalyam.

    The dove requested for the life of hunter and Lord Siva to stay in the place and bless mankind. Siva did as per dove’s request. Here we see the imprint of doves head stomach and tail on Siva lingam to both sides. This is some thing unique.

    There is a seperate temple for Sri Devi, BhooDevi, sahitha "Sathyanarayana Swamy". In front of him we see Suvarchala sahitha Anjaneya swamy in small sanctum.

Koti Lingeswara swamy temple, and Jagan mohini Kesava temple, East Godavari.  

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  1. Kotipalli: Koti ligeswara swamy temple.

    The temple is 45kms from Kakinada, and about 10kms from Draksharamam, of east Godavari district.

    Main Deity: Small Siva lingam known as Koteeswarar and his consort Goddess Sri Raja Rajeswari.
    There is a big Nandi in front of the Dwajasthambam.

    Purana says Devendra installed Siva lingam here to get rid of his curse by Gautama Muni. He did abishekam to Siva Lingam by water acquired from one crore teerthams.

  2. Jagan Mohini Kesava Temple

    The temple is in Raily, which is 35kms from Rajamandry, East Godavari.

    Main Deity is Swayambu Jagan Mohini Kesavaswamy.

    The idol is of Saligrahama stone with Dasavathram, Thumburu, Naradha, Ramba and Urvasi sculptures all around it. SriDevi and Bhoodevi sculptures are seen in the main sculpture stone, near the padam to either side. Water is there near the padam and they say, it is Ganges water flowing as antarvahini.

    Another unique thing about the deity here is, Kesava swamy in front and at the back of the same sculpture we see Mohini roopam. They allow inside the main sanctum, to have darshan of both deities in that single stone. We also see Rama Sathyanarayana Swamy which is of marble stone.

    Purana says when the ocean was churned for nector, Vishnu took the avatharam of Mohini to distribute the nector to Devas and Asuras. It’s the same roopam which we see in the temple.

  3. Uma Kamandaleswara swamy:

    The temple is just opposite to Jagan mohini Kesava swamy temple to the other end of the road.

    Main deity is Swayambu Siva lingam known as Kamandaleswarar, of Ardhanari Swaroopam. The other deities in the temple are Vinayakar, bairavar, Durga Devi, Subramanyar, and Navagraham.

    Purana says Lord Siva was fallen in love with Mohini roopam of Kesava swamy and started following her. Kesava swamy wanted lord Siva, to come out of the maya, so he turned back to see Lord Siva. That is the reason we see Siva temple to front of Kesava swamy and Mohini to the back of Kesava swamy

Temples of East godavari District, AP  

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  1. Samarlakota: Anjaneyar.

    The place is 13 kms from Kakinada and 16 Kms from Pithapuram.

    This is a recent temple. Hanuman is huge one and it is visible from road. We see lord ganesha and Lord Hanuman in different sanctum here.

  2. Bhoo sameda Mandava Narayana Swamy temple:

    The temple is in Samlkota, near Kumara ramam, Bheemeswara swamy temple, East Godavari District.

    The Main Deity is Bhoo sameda Mandava Nrayana Swamy is very old and belongs to treat Yugam. The present structure of the temple dates to 6th Century. As we enter we see Dwajasthamba and Garuda near it in small sanctum. Goddess Mahalakshmi is seen in different sanctum to side from the main one.

  3. Bikkavolu: Sri Swayambu Lakshmi Ganapathy.

    The place is 35 Kms from Kakinada. The temple dates back to 9-10th century. Ganesha is huge one of 8’ height in sitting posture.

    They allow public inside the temple and one can say their wishes in Ganesha’s ear. There is a Siva temple near by which was constructed in 9-10th century.

  4. Iyappa Temple : The temple is on the way to Gollamamida village which is 25kms from Rajamundry.

    This is a recent temple.

  5. Sri Kodanda Ramar Temple:

    The temple is in gollamamida village, of East Godavari District. The temple is noted for its Gopurams. East and west temple tower are 200’ and 160’ respectively. The temple was constructed in the year 1889.

    Main deity: Sri Sita Ramar with Sita Mahalakshmi and Sri Lakshmana.

  6. Sooryanarayanar temple:

    The temple is near by Sri Kodanda Ramar temple of Gollamamidada village.

    Main deity is Soorya Narayanar.

    Ouatside the main sanctum to either side, we get the darshan of Sri Lakshmi Narashimar and sri Lakshmi Narayanar. Garuda is seen near Dwajasthambam.

Pithapuram temples of East Godavari District, AP  

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  1. Anaga Datta temple of Sri Ganapathy Sachidananda Swamy Ashram:

    This place is about 3 Kms from Pithapuram. The Datta temple is very beautiful. As we enter we see Dwajasthambam of stone and to four sides we see beautiful sculptures carved on it. Inside the main hall we see Lord Dattatreya installed.

  2. Valli Devasena samedha Veera Venkata subramanya swamy: The temple is in Pithapuram town on our way to Kunti madhava temple from Datta Ashram.

    Main Deity is Thrimukha Lingeswarar. Other deities seen in the temple are Vinayakar, Sooryan, Purihita devi, and Kala Bairavar.

  3. Kunti Madhavar temple:

    This is an ancient temple in Pithapuram Town, of East godavariDistrict. The temple is one of Pancha Madhava Kshetram .

    Main deity is Sitaramar Known as Madhavar.

    Purana says he was worshipped by Kunti Devi and hence the name Kunti madhavar. Devendra to get rid of the dosha, by killing Vridhasura, he created Pancha Madhava Kshetram and this is one among the five.

    There is lot of inscriptions to relate the temple to 12th Century. As we go around the temple we see, Azwar sannidhi, Andal, Rajalakshmi thayar, and Ramanujar sanctums.

  4. Kukuteswara Swamy:

    The temple is in Pithapuram town, East Godavari District. The temple is near Kunti Madhar Temple. The temple is famous for three things, “

    Dattatreyar sanctum, Kukuteswarar sannidhi and Pruhitha Devi, one of the Sakthi Peetam.

    A) Sri padha vallabar is considered as the avatharam of Dattatreyar. One day his parents and people around in the temple saw Sri padha vallabar as Guru Dattatreya. They installed Dattatreya sanctum under the same tree where they visualized.

    B) Kukkuteswara swamy: Swayambu lingam known as Kukkuteswarar, and Puruhitha Devi in separate sanctum. Adi sankarar has installed Rajalakshmi thayar next to Kukkuteswarar sanctum.

    C) According to sthala puranam the back of Sathi devi fell here, and it is considered as one of the Sakthi Peetam. There is Sri chakra installed in front of Pruhita Devi near her leg, and kumkuma archana is done here.

    Purana says Gayasura allowed Rishis to perform yagnam on his body as a platform. Once the yagnam gets completed he will be the powerful person. His head was in gaya, his padam was in pithapuram, hence the place is known as “Pada Gaya”.

    As we enter the temple we see a big pushkarani known as Gaya teertham. We see padam to a cornor and as we go around we see lot of people performing rituals for ancestors. There is entrance which leads us into the temple.

    Here Siva is known as Kukkuteswara. Before the yagnam was completed Siva took the form of cock and crowed. Gayasura got up and the yagnam became incomplete. Lord Siva revelead himself and blessed him. Gayasuran realised his foolishiness and he prayed Siva to stay back and bless mankind.

    The other deities which we see in separate sanctums here are Sri Seetha Ramar, Adi Sankarar, Kasi Viswanadhar, Annapurani, Navagraha, Subramanya Swmy, and Bairavar.

Simhachalam, Annavaram temple, East Godavari District,, AP.  

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  1. Simhachalam:

    Varaha Lakshmi Narashima swamy Temple.

    This place is 16kms from Visaka patnam. The temple is in on a small hill.
    This is one of the important sthalam like Ahobilam and sholingar. The place is surrounded by mountains with lots of medicinal herbs which is good for us.

    Main deity is Varaha Lakshmi Narashima Swamy.

    The deity is about two and half feet height and Thirumugam of perumal is Varaha and body is human. The deity is covered with sandal paste always.

    The sandal paste is removed on Vaisaka suddha divithiya day of every year, and one can have the darshan of Narashima swamy, without sandal paste. Next day again they cover the deity with sandal paste. With the paste on him Varaha Lakshmi Narashima Swamy looks like a Shiva lingam.

    The purana says the temple was constructed by Devas. There is 16 pillar and 96 pillars mandapam with beautiful sculptures on it. As we come out of the main sanctum we see a pillar which is known as “kappa Sthambam”.

    Sthala purana says they have installed “Santhana gopala Yantram” under the pillar. Any wishes will be fulfilled by embracing the pillar and think of the wish. They charge 25Rs for this. As we go around the prakaram we see Lakshmi Devi in separate sanctum.

    The story is they say prahaladha was tortured by King Hiranyakasibu. Prahaladha refused to chant his fathers name, instead he chanted Narayana’s name. Once he was thrown down from the hill top. Lord Narayana came to resque his devotee prahaladha and this was the hill top where he was rolled down, and the temple is built in the same place.

    Ramanujar visited the temple in 11th century.

    Rooms are available.

  2. Annavaram:

    The place is in East Godavari District, 72 kms from Rajamandry, and 32kms from Pithapuram.

    Main deity is Veera Venkata Sathya Narayana Swamy.
    The temple is situated on Rathana giri hills on the banks of River Pampa.

    The shrine is of two storeys. We see Sathya Narayana Swamy, in the upper level and in the down level we have the padha darshanam of main deity.

    Devasthanam choultry is available. There are few hotels available for accomdation.

  3. Chebrolu:

    This place is bout 20kms from Annavaram. This is Sita Rama Devalayam.

    Main Deity is Sita Rama sculpture made of one single stone, and Seetha is seen on Sri Rama’s lap.

Pancha ramala Kshetram.  

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Panchaa ramala Kshetram:This is a group of 5 temples, in Andhra Pradesh. According to puranas the temples are age old. The latest construction works and development took place in 10th Century, during chalukaya period.

According to purana, Tarakasuran did penence and was blessed by Lord Brahma. He did penance and was also blessed by Lord Siva. He was too strong and he can be defeated only by Siva sankalpam. He acquired an "Athma lingam" from Lord Siva and was asked to wear it to neck so that no one can defeat him.

Once he acquired all these powers, he started troubling everyone on earth. To rescue the living beings on earth from Tarakasuran Siva had to take step. Siva parvathy marriage took place and Lord Subramanian was born.

As Subramanyar grew up, he was made the head of warriors of Devas. Lord Subramanya was asked to fight with Tarakasura. Lord Subramanya took Agni astram and aimed at Athma Lingam tied to the neck of Tarakasuran and it broke into 5 pieces and thrown in different places.

Subramanya asked them to install the pieces immediately in the places where they fell. In three places the Siva lingam started growing, and it was nailed says puranas. There is a controversy about this.

These five places are called as “Pancha arama kshetram”.
The places are “Draksharamam” were Daksha prajapathy installed the Athma lingam, “Kumara ramam”, were Lord Subramanya swamy installed the Athma lingam here, “Ksheera ramam” were Lord Sri Rama installed the Athma lingam, “Amara ramam” were Amarendra installed the Athma lingam and “Somaramam” were Lord Chandra installed the Athma Lingam.

  1. Draksharamam:

    The temple is in East Godavari district of AP. It is 10th Century temple.
    The place is about 60kms from Rajamandry and 32kms from Kakinada. This is the place were Daksha prajapathy did his Daksha yagnam and hence the name Draksharamam. The temple arectiture is blend of both chalukya and chola.

    Main deity: Swayambu spatika Sivalinga of 16’height and the main sanctum is of 2 floors.

    The Siva lingam is known as Bheemeswarar and it is also known as Bogalingam. Here the installation of Bheemeswarar was done by Dakshaprajapathi, and hence the name Draksharamam for the town.

    Goddess is Manikamba is one of the “Sakthi peetam”, here she is ichha sakthi and gyana sakthi as well. Here sati Devi’s navel part fell, and this is one of the sakthi peetam. She resting on “Srichakra” here. We can have the darshan of srichakram also. She is having Athma lingam in her hand.

    Any pooja for Lord Shiva is done from the first floor only. Before we enter into main sanctum we enter into two prakaram which are dark. On the walls of the prakaram we see too many small projections of small stones which they say when the temple was constructed originally there were diamonds kept in those places and the prakaram was well lighted by glitter of diamond stones. When they started robbing the diamond they turned into stones.

    Purana says the temple was originally constructed by demons. We find a pillar in the same prakaram which is supposed to be the foundation pillar of the temple and it is close to the wall and we are supposed to pass through the gap and it is known as “Moksha Dwaram”. To the corner of the prakaram there is a small place from where we can have “Sikara Darshanam”

    As we reach we can have the darshan of Bheemeswarar to all four sides.
    The other deities in the temple are Ganapathy and Nrithya ganapathy near the entrance of the temple. As we enter inside there is a Dwajasthambam and in the prakaram we see Lakshmi Narayanar who is kshetra palakar. Virupakshar, Saptha madhar, Subramanyar, small stone miniature of the temple, unjal mandapam, Navagraham, Ashta dik balakar, Sikha Anjaneyar, Kailasa ganapathy, 108 Siva lingam on a square stone in a line, and bhima sabha.

    Annadhanam is provided in the temple and a big hall with locker and a rooms are also available there.

  2. Kumara ramam:

    The place is in East Godavari district of AP.

    The temple is in Samalkotha which is 16kms from Pithapuram and 13kms from Kakinada.
    This is 10th Century temple.

    One piece of Athma lingam was thrown here and the installation was done by Lord Subramanya and hence the name Kumara ramam.

    Main deity is huge swayambu spatika lingam known as Bheemeswarar, and consort Bala Thirupaura sundari.

    As we enter the temple we see pond in front, dwajasthambam and a huge nandi. As we go around the prakaram we see Ganapathy, Soorya Narayanar, Dattatreyar, Saraswathy without veena in her hand, Sapthamadhar, Subramanayar, Mahishasura mardhini, Lakshmi, and Kala Bairavar.

    The main sanctum is of two levels we climb steps to reach the first floor and we have the darshan of “Lord Bheemeswarar” and “Bala thirupura sundari” with Athma lingam in her hand beside Siva lingam in the main sanctum. In front of Siva lingam small nandi is there and we see padam in front of nandi.

  3. Ksheeraramam:

    The place is in west Godavari district of AP.

    It is 11kms from Narasapur, 21kms from Bheemavaram. The temple dates to 10th century

    Main deity is Swayambu spatika lingam known as Ksheera Ramalingeswarar.

    This is another place where a piece of Athma lingam fell and it was installed by Lord Sri Rama, and hence the name Ramalingeswarar. The Siva lingam is small in this place, it is not smooth and it is white in color. The temple gopuram is about 125’height.

    Near the main entrance of the temple we see Veerabadharar and Anjaneyar to either side. There separate sanctums for Lakshmi, Janardhanar, Saraswathy and Brahama, and hence the temple is known as Trimoorthy temple also. Other deities seen inside the temple are Mahishasuramardhini, Kumara swamy and Subramanyar in the form of Nagar, in different sanctums.

  4. Somaramam:

    The temple is in Gunupudi village of Bheemavaram town, west Godavari fistrict AP.The place is 32 kms from Narasapur and 70kms from Eluru.

    Main deity: Swayamby spatika Athma lingam known as Someswarar. One of the pieces of Athma lingam fell here and it was installed by Lord Chandra, hence the name Somaramam.

    The Lingam is big and changes its colors which is something unique. It is milky white on full moon day and by the time of new moon day it changes into whitish or black.

    We see goddess parvathi to side in different sanctum near the main sanctum of Lord Siva. In front of Someswarar we see saligrahamam.

    Main mandapam we have steps leading to Annapurani temple which is above Main Siva sanctum. Amba and Ambalika are Dwara balikas for the sanctum of Annapurani.

    The other deities around the temple are Kumaraswamy, Lakshmi Janardhanar, Subramanya swamy, and Soorya Narayana Moorthy. There is a separate sanctum for Nava graham. There is a pushkarani in front of the temple.

  5. Amararamam:

    This is in Amaravathy town of Sathanapalli taluk, Guntur district.AP.
    The place is 30kms from Guntur.

    Main Deity: Swayambu Spatika Athma Siva lingam Known as Amararamam.

    The Athma lingam piece which fell here was installed by Amarendran and hence the name Amaravathy for the place. The Siva lingam started growing here and they it was nailed to stop the growth. Again here the lingam is too big and can be worshipped from first floor. We see marks which they say, is the blood stains when nailed. We see 108 Siva lingam in the prakaram. River Krishna is flowing near by.

    As we visited some years back i have not added pitures.