Thiru Nellikaval Temple, Thiruvarore.  

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  1. Thiru Nellikaval

    The place Thiru Nellikaval is about 18 kms from Thiruvarore to Thiruthuri poondy route of Thiruvarore district.

    This temple is One of 275 Siva Devara sthalam.

    Main raja gopurm of the temple is of three storeys. We see Nandi Devar in a small mandapam before the Dwajasthambam of the temple.

    Main Deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Arulmigu Nellivana Nadhar and his consort known as Mangala Nayaki amman. Here in the month of Feb/ March evening sun rays falls on the deity for a week.

    Sthala Vruksham of the temple is Amla Tree (nelli) and teertham known as Brahma teertham and Soorya Teertham.

    Brahma, Vishnu, Soorya, Chandran, Sani, Gandharva and sacred trees Deva Lokam, worshipped Lord Siva of this place.

    Sthala purana says five sacred trees of Deva lokam were proud about their power of giving anything, to one who worships them. They did not respect Durvasa muni due to their ego. Muni cursed them to become, amla tree on earth. Lord Siva as a Swayambu lingam was found under the amla tree to free them from the curse of Muni, and to know the importance of Amla. The sacred worshiped Lord Siva found under the tree, and returned back to Indra lokam. Since the Siva Lingam was under the amla tree he is known as Nellivana Nadhar, and the sthalam as Nellikaval.

    Once a devotee of Lord Siva worshiped in this place, and to his surprise he saw, Devas worshiping Lord Siva and leaving the place before dawn and wild animals were very friendly in this place. He reported this to Chola King.

    King was happy to know, about this. He cleared the land and constructed temple for Lord Siva. The Lord is known as Amla kesan and later days Chola king was known as Amlakesa Cholan. His son Uttama cholan and his wife paduma malai worshiped Lord Siva of this place to bless them with child. At that time a small girl came and sat on the lap of king and they heard a voice (Akasha vani) announcing that goddess herself is the small child on their lap. She should be named as Mangala Nayaki and treat her as their child.

    As the girl grew older one day when she went to Thiruvarore temple to worship Lord Siva they heard a voice announcing the time and date of marriage of Mangla Nayaki with Lord Siva. Marriage took as per the voice predicted.

    Thiru Gyanasambandhar sang hymns on Lord Siva of this place.

Thirukkaravasal temple, Thiruvarore.  

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  1. Thirukkaravasal :

    The place is about 14 kms from Thiruvarore to Thiruthurai poondi.

    This temple is One of 275 Siva Devara sthalam. The temple Raja gopuram is of three storeys. This place is One of seven places where we find Thyagesa Perumaan.

    As we enter inside we see Dwajasthambam in front with vinayakar.

    Main deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Arulmigu Kannayeera Nadhar and his consort known as Kailasa Nayaki Amman in standing posture.

    Teertham of the temple is known as Sesha teertham (well) and Brahma teertham. Sthala Vruksham is Vilavam and Jack fruit tree. The vilavamaram has 5 leaves instead of three which is usual.

    Other deities seen in the temple prakaram are Pramodha Vinayakar, Murugan, Maha Vishnu, Agastheeswarar, Indrapureeswarar, Gowthama lingam, Natarajar, Thyagesayar, Viswanadhar and Kalyana sundarar. We find three Bairavar in this temple. Kala bairavar, Utchikala Bairavar, and Swarnakarshna Bairavar. We see Lakshmi Devi in front of these three Bairavars. Each Bairavar is important for, three different times of the day early morning, afternoon and night pooja.

    We see Vinayakar near the pushkarani known as Kadukkai vinayakar. Purana says once a merchant, who sells Jadhikai, stayed back in this place to spend the night. Small boy asked him what he was selling; he said it is nothing but Kadukkai. Next day morning the merchant was all his goods were kadukkai and he realized the small boy was Lord Ganesha himself. He worshiped Lord and was blessed by him and all his goods turned back into Jadhikai

    Lord Dakshina Moorthy here is known as Gyana Guru with Kundalini sakthi on his head which is a rare thing.

    The place is known as Adividangar sthalam. Sthala purana says one of the Siva lingam out of seven which was given to Chola King Musukundha Chakkravarthy, was installed here and worshiped by him. Thayagesa peruman is seen in a separate sanctum here. The dance performed here is known as Kukuda Natanam

    Sambandhar sang hymns on Lord Siva of this place and Navukkarasar has composed songs known as Thiru Thandaga padalgal. Any issues regarding eye sight get cured by worshipping lord Siva of this place.

    Stone inscriptions are seen in the temple.