Skandashramam, Udayapettai, Salem.  

Posted by Shamala Krishnan

Skandashramam :

Skandashram is in Udayapettai, Salem.

The place Skandashramam is on a hillock. We see a three tier gopuram.

As we enter we seeIdumban sanctum.

We cross through a path, with garden to either side which leads us to the temple.

There are few steps to climb and we get the darshan of Ganapathy. We enter into an open ground where we see huge granite idols in different sanctums.

We see Panchamukha Herambha Ganapathy idol in a sanctum.

This is sanctum of Sri Danvantri Bagwan

We come to sanctum of Sri Dattatreyar.

This is the sanctum of Sri Swarnaakarshna Bairavar.

Finally we see the sanctum of Pancha mukha Hanuman.

Here in Skandashram, we enter into a big hall, were we see Skandamatha and Gyana Skanda Guru Idols in different sanctum facing each other. These Idols were Installed and Kumbabishekam was performed in the year 1971 by H.H. Santhanandha Swamigal

There is another hall were we see Murthis of Hindu saints and 18 Siddhar Idols neatly arranged. Every piece we see here looks alive.

Finally we come to Sadhanandar Adishtanam.

The place is so peaceful, we forget our self and when we leave the place, our heart feels heavjavascript:void(0)y. We start planning our next visit to the place once again.