Thiru Navaloore, Vizhupuram Dt.  

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Thiru Navaloore: this temple is one of Nadu Nadu Devara Sthalams

The temple is 14 kms to NE from Ulundoorpettai on the banks of Kedila River. Now the place is known as Thiru Nama Naloore.

The main Raja Gopuram of the temple is of five tiers and there are two prakaram.

As we enter in we see Dwajasthambam.

Nandiis in a small mandapam

Sthala Vruksham is Naval tree (Kala Jaamun in Hindi). Teetham here is Gomukhi and River Garuda.

Main Deity is Swayambu Siva lingam known as Arulmigu Bakthajaneswarar facing East and his consort known as Sundarambikai Amman facing East in different sanctum.

The name of the place is Navaloore because of the Sthala Vruksham Naval tree.

As we go around the prakaram we see a sanctum for Sundra moorthy Nayanar with his consort Paravai Nachiar and Sangli Nachiar in the first prakaram. This is birth place of Sundarar. Dakshina Moorthy is seen on Rishba Vahanam in standing posture.

Other deities seen in the temple are Vinayakar, Subramanyar, Brahma, Vishnu, Chandikeswarar, Sukran, Navagraham and Bargaveeswara Lingam worshiped by Sukara Bagwan. Sooryan in Navagraha is facing west in this temple

There is a separate sanctum for Vishnu in-between main deity Lord Siva and Sundarambikai Amman. Lord Vishnu worshiped Lord Siva here.

Here we find four Siva Lingams. One was worshiped by Lord Vishnu in Ruth Yoga, Chandikeswarar worshiped second one in Tretha Yugam, Brahma worshiped third one, in Dwapara Yugam, and finally the fourth one was worshiped by Sundarar in Kali yugam.

Parvathi Devi worshiped Lord Siva here and she married to him. Sivapriyar worshiped Siva here and he was been recognized as Chandeeswarar. Garuda who became black due to the effect of poison of Nagaraja worshiped Lord Siva of this place. He was blessed by Siva and the poison was removed and got back his original colour.

Sthala Purana says once this place was known as Jambuvanam, where Lord Siva was in Swayambu lingam form even before four Yugams. It says Lord Vishnu, Chandeekeswarar, Brahma and Sundarar worshiped Lord Siva in all the four yugams respectively. Intially there was a small stone sanctum for Lord Siva. Later Chera, Chola and Pandya Kings constructed the temple with prakarams. Sukara Bagwan installed and worshiped a Siva Lingam in Varnasi for long period. Lord Siva was pleased with his worship and Lord bestowed him with Sanjivni Mantra which gives life to dead person.

Asuras made Sukra as their Guru. When there was a war with Asuras and Devas, Sukra the Asura guru, gave life to every Asura killed by Devas. So Devas approached Lord Siva to help them. Lord Siva swallowed Sukra, who was there for long time in meditating. Finally Lord Siva gave him a place in Navagraha and asked him to bestow mankind with wealth according to their good and bad deeds. Sukra installed, a Siva Lingam here in this place ”Thiru Navaloore” and worshiped. There is a belief one who visits the temple in this place are relieved of Sukra Dosha.

Sundarar sang Hymns on Lord Siva. Arunagiri nadhar sang Thirupugazh on Lord Murugan of this temple.


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Kalakaleswarar Temple, Koil Palayam

The temple is very old one about 1300 years.
The temple is in Govinda puram about 20kms distance from Coimbatore. Travel through Coimbatore to Sathyamangalam Route about 20 kms, we reach Govindapuram. Here take the back road of bus stand to reach the temple.

Temple main entrance. We find Deepa sthambam erected in the centre of a mandapam.

As we enter inside through main entrance we see Nandi in small mandapam and main sanctum of Sri Kalakaleswrar in Linga form. Nandi used to be in green colour like Emerald, with same qualities. Now it is not in that colour

Teertham is Kala Poigai Teertham / Yama Tertham

Sthala Vruksham is Vilvam.

Main Deity is Siva Lingam known as Kalakaleswarar with his consort known as Karunakara Valli in different sanctum. The Siva Lingam is made of spume. So, here in the temple they do not use Curd, Ghee and Panchaamritham for Abishekam.

This Siva Lingam was worshiped by Yama and it was installed in this place by Viswamitra Muni.

Other deities seen in the temple are Kanni Moola Ganapathy,

Lingothbavar as koshta moorthy.

On top of Guru Dakshina Moorthy, there is a Siva Lingam,

Nanjundeswarar in a mandapam and Navagraham. Devotees worship Nanjundeswarar with coconut water for to get rid of the effect of poison

Lord Subramanyar sanctum is in-between Lord Siva and Ambal sanctum in the form of Somaskandam. Subramanyar is known as Kala Subramanyar.

Pillar sculptures.

Sthala Purna says Markandeya life span was only 16 years. His father was worried as Markandeya was growing old. When he learnt about his father’s mental worry he started worshiping Lord Siva. On the last day of his life Markandeya was in Thirukadayoor Temple, with his hands around he tied Siva Lingam and surrendered. Yama tried to take away his life. Lord Siva got angry by Yama’s act and he kicked Yama.
Due to this Yama came to Boolokam as an ordinary person. Yama went to Kowsika puri to worship Lord Siva to get back to his previous assignment.

Here in Kowsika puri to worship Lord Siva, he did not find any stone, Rudraksam or Vibuthi to perform pooja. Yama took a stick and pierced it in the ground. Spume came up and he mixed sand with it and made a Siva Lingam and started his worship. Near by Viswamithra Muni was in penance. Viswamitra muni told Yama by his Siva Pooja his curse has vanished. Yama left for heaven. Viswamitra Muni installed the Siva Lingam which was left there by Yama. The temple was constructed in later years.

Performing Santhi Homam on their Sashti aptha poorthy (completion of 60th birthday), Beemradha Santhi (70th), Sadabishekam (80th) and Kanakabishekam (100th) in this temple is considered good.

There is a temple for Subramanya Swamy next to Kalakaleswarar temple.


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Shadaranya Kshetram: Arcot Temples.

The temples of Shadaranyam are very old Temples.

The Shadaranya kshetram temples are, where Saptha Rishi's (Vasishter, Valmiki, Baradwajar, Athri, Agasthiyar, Gowthamar and Kasyapa Muni) stayed there in their Ashram and worshiped Lord Siva. The temples are on either side to the bank of River Palau.

“Shat “denotes number six and Aranyam means Forest (kadu in Tamil) hence the place is known as Arcot. Lord Siva is known by the name of Rishi's who worshiped here in all these six temples.

Sthala Purana says visiting all these temples on Maha Sivarathri is as good as visiting and worshiping at Himalayas.

Once, Goddess Parvathy penanced at Kancheepuram (Prithivi sthalam) which is one of the Pancha Boodha Sthalam. Lord was pleased with her penance and married her. Rishi’s and Devas from heaven came down to Kanchi, to participate in the heavenly marriage of Lord Siva and Kamakshi Ammai. The place was so crowded; Rishi’s who came to participate in the marriage stayed in the forest near to Kanchipuram. They had to perform there daily rituals unobstructed. Each one of them chose a place in the forest to worship Lord Siva. All six places where they worshiped is known as Shadaranyam. Since Six Rishi’s worshiped Swayambu Lingam in these six places it is considered holy to visit and worship Lord Siva here.

  1. Veppur:

    The place is about 3kms from Arcot to South Bank of Paalar River. One has to take bypass road of Vellore to Arcot.

    The forest in this place was filled with Neem Tree hence the place was known as Veppur

    A stone inscription says the temple is more than 1000 years old.

    Later in the year 1169BC by Veera Sampanna Sambuvarayar constructed Maha mandapam, Artha Mandapam and Main sanctum of this temple.

    Vasishta Muni installed Siva Lingam and worshiped Him in standing posture. There is a small sculpture of Vasishta Muni in the temple in standing posture.

    Main deity is Swayambu Siva Lingam known as Vasishteswarar and with his consort known as Balakujambikai in separate sanctum. Here Lord is seen in Kalyana kolam. Dakshina Moorthy is seen facing south in the prakaram.

    Other deities seen in the temple are Selva Vinayakar, Subramanyar with Valli and Devanai, Sarabeswarar, Sapthamadhar, Kasi Viswanadhar, Akora Veerabadrar, Saneeswarar, and Kala Bairavar.

    Arunagirinadhar sang Thirupugazh on Lord Subramanyar of this temple. The temple is considered as Guru Sthalam since Vasishta Guru of Lord Sri Ramachandra Murthy worshiped Lord Siva here.

  2. Mel Visharam:

    The place is located about 3kms distance from Veppur. It is on the bypass road of Vellore to Arcot. The temple is to south bank of River Paalaru.

    This place in the forest was full of Etti Maram, so the place came to be known as Visha Vruksha Vanam, and in later days the place is known as Vishram.

    Valmiki Muni installed a Siva Lingam and worshiped Him in standing posture. We see a statue of Valmiki Muni in standing posture in the temple.

    Main entrance of the temple.

    Main Deity is Swayambu Siva Lingam known as Valmeekeswarar with his consort known as Vadivudyambikai in different sanctum.

    Sthala purana says there is a stone inscription in Veppur temple which says the this temple is more than 1000 years old.

  3. Pudhapadi.

    This place is about 6 kms from Arcot. The temple is on the South Bank of Palaru, between Arcot and Pudhupadi.

    The place was full of Mango Tree in the forest, so the place was known as Amra Vanam.The temple is as old as 1600 years old.

    Baradwaja muni installed a Siva Lingam and worshiped Lord Siva in standing posture. There is a statue for Baradwaja muni in the temple in standing posture.

    Main Deity here is Swayambu Lingam known as Baradwajeeswarar.
    The main sanctum is Gajaprushta form.

    Other Deities seen in the temple are Nardhana Ganapathy, Dakshina Moorthy, and Vishnu.

  4. Gudimallur.

    The place is in-between Pudhupadi dam and Valaja town about 3kms interior on the North bank of River Palaru.

    Athri Maharishi installed and worshiped Lord Siva here for long period in sitting posture. Lord was pleased and blessed him. There is a statue of Athri Maharishi in sitting posture.

    Athetheeswarar Temple main entrance.

    As we enter we see Dwajasthambam

    Main Deity in the temple is Swayambu Siva Lingam known as Athetheswarar with his consort known as Thirupura Sundri in different sanctum.

    There is another Siva temple in this place.

    The Raja gopuram is of three tier.

    As we enter there is long corridor leading to the sanctum

    Main Deity in this temple is Sri Boomi Nadheswararwith his consort in separate sanctum.

    As we go around the temple we see Ganesha, Subramanyar, Dakshina Murthy, Lingothbavar with Brahma and Lord Vishnu to either side.

    Vasthu Pooja is performed on Vasthu day.

  5. Vannivedu

    The place Vannivedu is about 2kms distance from Valajapettai on the North Bank of River Paalaru.

    Agasthya Muni installed Siva Lingam and worshiped in this place in sitting posture. There is a statue for Agasthya Muni in sitting posture in the temple.

    The place was full of Vanni Vruksham in the forest, hence it is known as Vannimedu.

    Main entrance of the Temple.


    Main Deity is Swayumbu Lingam of sand known as Agstheeswarar with his consort known as Akilandeswari. Siva Lingam is small in size and finger prints are there on it. Ambal is seen standing on Avudai in penanceing form.

    Other deities seen in the temple are Vinayakar, Subramanyar, Kasi Viswanadhar, Visalakshi, Swarna Akarshna Bairavar, Bairavar and Sani Bagawan.

    Inside the mandapam we see Sarabeswarar and Nalwar.

  6. Karai:

    The place Karai is about 2kms distance from Ranipetai on the north bank of Paalaru River.

    The place was filled with karai plant in the forest, hence the place was known as Karai.

    Gowthama Rishi installed and worshiped Lord Siva in this place. Here in the temple there is a statue gor Gowthamar seen in sitting posture in front of Lord Siva sanctum.

    Main Deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Gowthameswarar with his consort known as Krupambika seen in Artha mandapam.

    As we go around the temple prakaram we see Sarabeswarar, and Gowthama Rishi.

    There is another temple in Karai were Nandeeswara muni worshiped Lord Siva.

    The place is about 3 kms from Karai in Avarakarai Village near Nalla thoppu on the north bank of Paalaru River.

    Main deity in the temple Siva Lingam known as Nandeeswarar with his consort known as Ulgalandha Nayaki.

    As we go around the prakaram we see Dakshina moorthy, and Navagraham

Thiru Vrinjipuram, Margabandeeswarar Temple, Vellore.  

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Thiru Vrinjipuram, Margabandeeswarar Temple.

The temple is about 12 kms distance west of Vellore Town. The temple was built by Chola Kings in 13th Century.

The main Raja Gopuram is of seven tiers and five prakarams.

As we enter inside there is another Gopuram. We see Dwajasthambam.

Nandi is seen in front of the Dwajasthambam facing main deity.

Sthala Vruksham is Palm (Panai) Tree. Something unique about the palm fruits, of this tree here. It is black in a year and it is white in the following year.

Teertham is Simha pushkarani seen in the prakaram.

Main Deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Margabandeeswarar / Vazhi Thunai Nadhar and his consort known as Maragadambikai. The Siva Lingam is slightly leaning to North East direction. During the month of March / April sun rays falls on Siva Lingam.

Other deities seen in the temple as we go around areEramba Ganapathy, Subramanyar, Chandra Mowleeswarar, Pancha Mukha Lingam, Saptha Madhar, Lakshmi , Saraswathy, Durgai, Bairavar and Navagraham.

Natarajar sanctum

Sculpture seen in the roof.

In Thiruvannamalai, Brahma uttered lie to Lingothbavar having seen Lord Siva’s head. Kewda (thazhambu) was witness for Brahma’s word. Lord Siva did not reveal himself to Brahma. As a parihara for this act Brahma was born to a priest named Sivasarma. After the death of priest Brahma was in charge of the temple as a priest and he worshiped Lord Siva in this place. The word Virinjan denotes Brahma hence the place is known as Virinji puram.

Once a pepper merchant was escorted by Lord Siva, hence Lord is known as Vazhi Thunai Nadhar here in this temple.

Sthala Purana says Lord Brahma as a small boy was unable to perform abishekam, so Lord Siva has inclined his head for Brahma to perform abishekam. Brahma was unable to see the head of Lord in Thiruvannamalai, but he was able to see the head in Virinjipuram.

There are beautiful sculptures to pillars in the temple.

Brahma, Parvathy, Thirumaal, and Karan worshiped Lord Siva and were blessed by Him.

This is the birth place of Appaya Deekishedar. Arunagirinadhar sang Thirupugazh on Lord Murugan of this temple. Pattinathar and Appaya Deekshedar have rendered songs on Lord Siva of this temple

There are stone inscriptions in the temple.