Maheswaram Siva temple and Karman Ghat Anjaneyar Temple, Hyderabad, AP  

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  1. Maheswaram: Siva temple.

    The temple is located about 50Kms from Secunderabad and it’s on the way to Srisailam from Hyderabad. The temple is of some 350 years old

    Main Deity is Shiva Ganga Raja Rajeswari and Raja Rajeswara swamy.

    The temple is constructed on the pushkarani Known as Shiva Ganga. It’s a big pushkarani with steps leading down to the water, and we find small 16 sanctums around the pushkarani with small Shiva lingas in it. In some of the sanctums the original shiva linga is missing. These are shodasa lingas around the main Goddess.

    We find three main trees in one place and Ganesha in a small sanctum near this. We enter into a small hall and there is a path leading to main sanctum and steps to the side, leading down to pushkarani.

    The temple is constructed in the pushkarani with two floors. After we worship the pushkarani we enter into a hall where we have the darshan of Goddess Raja Rajeswari. In front of her sanctum we find lion sculpture.

    As we climb few steps we reach Lord Shiva temple. We see Nandidevar in front of the sanctum and Shiva in the form of Linga known as Raja Rajeswarar.

    Purana says Akkanna and Madanna developed the temple.
    Shivarathri festival is celebrated here. Once again comittee members are developing the temple now.

  2. Karman Ghat: Anjaneyar.

    The temple is in saroor Nagar, Hyderabad, AP. The temple is 15 kms from Hyderabad Rly station and 12 Kms from Imliban bus station. The temple is opened to public from 6-12 noon and 4-8 in the evening. The temple dates back to year 11century.

    According to, history 2nd Kakatiya king Pratapa rudra,went for hunting one day, and he heard the roar of tiger and he proceded towards that direction. He could not find and he rested under a tree and again he heard the roar from a bush nearby and he heard a voice asking him to meditate, and then he will be able to find what it is.

    The King did as he was asked and he saw Swayambu Anjaneyar in front of him near the bush when he cleared it. Tke King left to his palace Golkonda. The same night he had a dream to construct a temple for Anjaneyar at the same place where he saw and the place was Lakshmi puram forest and it will be known as Karman Ghat hereafter.

    King did as he was asked and the construction was started on Hanumath Jayanthi day. The main sanctum is Anjaneyar.

    Later on many sanctums were constructed for other deties like Ganesha, Rama mandir, Durga devi, Saraswathi, Kasi viswanadhar, spatika linga and Bramaramba, Santoshi matha, Navagraha, Venu gopalan, Jaganadhar and Subramanya in the form of Nagar by the kings who ruled later.

    The history says Aurangazeb ordered his soilders to demolish the temple and they were not able to reach the temple surroundings. So he himself came to temple and he heard a voice to get the strength to do so before demolishing. Aurangazeb in turn asked to prove the power, and he had the darshan of hanuman and he left the temple. There is a small idol of Hanuman in gold in the main sanctum.

Pancha Narashima Kshetram  

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Pancha Narashima Kshetram: Vadapalli, Mattapalli, Kethavaram, Vedadri and Mangalagiri.

  1. Mattapalli: Sri Lakshmi Narashima Swamy

    The temple is situated on the banks of River Krishna at Mattapalli in Huzurnagar Talaq of Nalgonda District, Andhra Pradesh.

    The place is about 225 kms from Hyderabad, and 25 Kms from Huzurnagar. The place can be reached by train. The station is Miryalaguda, from there you have to take a bus to Huzarnagar and from there share autos are available.

    Main Deity is Swayambu Sri Lakshmi Narashima Swamy. This is a cave temple.
    We see Goddess Rajyalakshmi and Chenchu lakshmi Thayar to side, which was installed later.

    Inside the cave the sacred image of Lakshmi Narashimar in seated posture, with well spread hood of “Sesha” over the head. He is fully adorned with shanku, Chakra, and Gada.

    We see urchava vigrahas also inside the sanctum. Baktha prahaladha is near the main deity who can be seen only in the morning at 5Am, rest of the day it is covered with flowers alankaram.

    Sri Lakshmi Narashima Swamy was worshipped by Sages and Rishis. Purana says Barawadja muni worshipped lord here. In Kaliyuga Lord appeared in dream to Sri Anumula Machi Reddi then the ruler of Thangeda a place nearby. He asked him to go in search, of his swayambu image in the form of Narashima in one of the caves on the bank of River Krishna. As he was not able to locate the place he prayed to Lord to help him out.

    Lord indicated that there would be an eagle sitting on an “Are” tree and opposite to it in a cave he can find the image. Machi Reddy was able to locate the place and he constructed the temple.

    Once upon a time the place was forest area but now it is not so. Opposite to the main cave we see Garuda and Hanuman. We can have darshan of Brugu, Marichi, Athri and Kasyapa muni idols. Next to them Ramanujar is also seen.

    The place is a small town. There are rooms available near the temple. Sri Mukkore Lakshmi Narashimachariar is fond of this place, and he had mentioned about the main deity Sri Lakshmi narashimar in his book Kurai ondrum illai.

    They have arrangements for meals at 1.30 as annadhanam scheme. Sahasranama archana for the lord begins at 11.30Am.

  2. Vedadri: Yogananda Lakshmi Narashima Swamy temple.

    The temple is on the bank of Krishna River and it’s located in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh. It’s about 10 kms from chillakallu on the national highway from Vijayawada to Hyderabad.

    Brahma purana says, Somasura stole the Vedas from Brahma and hided himself in ocean. Brahma approached Lord Vishnu to get back the Vedas from the Asura. Sriman Narayanar in the form of Matchaya avathara rescued the Vedas from the asura.

    Vedas took human form and thanked lord Vishnu, and prayed to stay on their heads.
    Lord Vishnu agreed to stay with them as pancha murthy, only after Hyranya vadham. He asked them to stay in the river as Saligrahama Mountain till then.

    Lord Narayanar in the form of Narashima killed, Hiranya kasyapa and ever since stayed as jwala Narashima on the mountain head of Vedadri.

    Brahma requested Lord Narashima to stay at sathya lokha as saligrahama. Lord Narashima agreed and even before Brahma could offer prayers to Lord the sathya lokha was in flames. So Brahma brought back the saligrahma moorthy to River Krishnaveni and erected it on Saligrahma Mountain. Thus Lord Narashima fulfilled the wishes of Veda Purushas and River Krishnaveni.

  3. Vadapalli: This is the first pancha Narashima kshetram.

    This place is 20 kms from Miryalaguda station which is on Hyderabad to Chennai via Nalgonda. The place belongs to Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh.

    Main deity is Sri Lakshmi Narashima Swamy.

    Purana says 6000 years back Agyasthya muni brought the Siva Kesava idols and he wanted to install them. He was traveling through all Lokas and finally he landed in Bholokaham, as he was heading towards Kasi kshetram, he heard akasa vani saying that Lord Narashima wanted to be installed at this place where sangamam of River Krishna and River musi.

    Agyastayar installed and constructed a temple for Lord Narashimar. As the years passed there was lot of changes and the temple was not taken care and the main deity was covered by ant hill.

    During 12th century Reddy Kings developed their city and at that time they found the deity of Narashimar and they re constructed the temple and installed the main deity.

    The temple is small one and has lot of place, around it with trees and plants. We see Dwjasthanbam near the entrance and Garuda near the Dwajasthambam. As we enter inside we have the darshan of Jaya, Vijayan to either side of the entrance. We have to enter into artha mandapam and inside in the main sanctum we have the darshan of Lord Lakshmi Narashima swamy. There is no separate sanctum for Goddess. This is the only sanctum in the temple.

    Inside the main sanctum we see two lamps lit and tied to a pole next to deity. One lamp is to the height of main god and the other is half way down. The light lit to the lamp on the top is wavering where as the one to the other lamp is still.
    They say the shake in the light is due to the breath of Lord Narashima in main sanctum.

    This is a unique thing about the Lord of this place. The deepam here is Akanda Deepam.

    The temple is open upto 12 noon and in it’s opened again at 4.30 Pm onwards As we go around the temple to the side we have the darshan of Anjaneyar. This is a small village and we did not see any rooms as such for rental.

  4. Mangalagiri: Panakala Narashimar.

    The place is about 20kms from Vijayawada. The temple was found by pandava king Yudishtra.

    Mangalagiri has two temples one at the foot hill and other on top of the hill. Panakam {Jaggary water} is the offerings made to Lord Narashima here. The offering is poured into the mouth of rock cut image of deity. Any amount of the offerings, only half is consumed and the rest is prasadam. Despite the sweetness of panakam, there are no ants here.

    The temple tank is known as Lakshmi pushkarani. The legend id Maha lakshmi bathed here and married Lord Vishnu. Sri Rama worshipped Lord Narashima of this place. One can stay at vijayawada which is a big place and getting an accomadation is not a problem.

  5. Kethavaram: We are yet to visit the place. This is a place to be visited during day time only.