Gyana Saraswathi Temple  

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  1. Basar: Gyana Saraswathi temple.

    The temple is in Basar town of Nizamabad district in Andhra Pradesh. It is about 250kms from Hyderabad. The town is well connected by bus and rail. Choultrys are available.

    The main deity is known as Gyana Saraswathi.It is of mud, installed and worshipped by Vedavyasar. The temple is situated on the banks of River Godavari.

    We see a separate temple for Vedavyasar to the side of main entrance on the main road. The temple has a beautiful park around well maintained. The temple is famous for Akshrabyasa ceremony for little kids.

    Within the main sanctum we find Goddess Lakshmi also to the side of Goddess Saraswathi, and utsava vigraham. Sthala vruksham is Meda tree. Dhathathreya is seen under the tree. Annadhanam scheme is there in the temple.

    We see maha kali temple on the first floor of the praharam. A little distance away from the temple we can reach the bathing ghats of River Godavari.

Mahakaleswarar and Om kaleswarar Jyothir Lingam Temples.  

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This time our visit was to Bhopal for a marriage and we availed the opportunity to visit two Jyothirlingas of twelve, nearer to Bhopal. Bhopal stands on the site of the 11th century city of Bhojapal, founded by Raja Bhoja.

  1. Bhimbetka:

    This place is about 45kms from Bhopal.

    We see pre historic caves with paintings discovered in 1957. There are about 600 rock shelters. The paintings depict hunting, dancing, horse, elephant riders, and animals so on. The treasures at Bhimbetka have recently been designated a world heritage site.

    Visiting time is till 5pm. Some of the places visitors are not allowed.

  2. Bojpur

    The place is about 28kms from Bhopal.

    We see magnificent Shiva temple of 11th century known as Bhojeshwar temple founded and named after Bhoja Raja. The temple structure is incomplete and the earthen ramp used to rise to dome level, is still incomplete. The massive patterns engraved on the surrounding rocks show a grand architectural plan for the temple.

    The Shiva linga inside the sanctum is huge in size. The temple is one of the best examples of 11th century architecture.

  3. Ujjain:

    The place is about 205 kms from Bhopal and 55kms from Indore.

    Modern Ujjain is on the banks of Shipra River, and we see lots of temples in this city. Ujjain is the modern name for Ujjayini.

    Legend is that the God like Shiva of Avanti Commemorated his victory over the demon ruler of Tripura on the bank of River Naramada by changing the name of his capital Avantipura to Ujjayani.

    Importance:This is one of the places where Kumbamela is celebrated once in 12 years. The great poet Kalidasa is said to have written some of his works from this place. Most of the temples are on the ancient sites, which are renovated over years.

  4. Mahakaleswar temple:

    this is One of the 12 Jyothir linga temples.

    The temple is rebuilt by Marathas in 18th century. The temple is below the ground level.

    The main deity here is Swayambu lingam known as Mahakaleswar. He is also known as Dakshina moorthy facing south. Near the entrance we see nandi and inside the sanctum, we see Ganesha, Parvathi and Karthikeya. To the outer circle we see Ekadasa linga, Hanuman, Ganasha, andNarashimar. Navagraha here is in the form of 9 lingas.

  5. Hara Siddhi Matha temple:

    The temple is to the adjacent road to Mahakaleswar temple.

    Here Matha Annapoorna is seen seated between the idol of Maha Lakshmi and Maha Saraswathi. Sri yantra is enshrined in the temple.

    According to Shiva puranam elbow of Sati Devi dropped in this place and it is one of the Sakthi peetam. The stone pillars adorned with lamps are special features of Maratha period. When we go around the temple we see Bala Ganesha, Bala Hanuman, and Maha Maya sanctums.

  6. Chintamani Ganapathy:

    The temple is situated at a distance of 6 kms from Ujjain city across Shipra River on Fatehabad railway line.

    Here Ganesha is swayambu with his consorts Siddhi and Buddhi on either sides known as Chintamani Ganesh.

  7. Chardham temple:

    The temple is near Mahakaleswar temple. This is not an old temple but recently constructed one. Inside the temple we have darshan of Badrinath, Dwarakanath, Ramanath, and Kedarnath.

  8. Sandipani Ashram:

    According to purana, Lord Krishna, Balaram and Sudhama had their education in Sandipani Ashram. We see Guru Sandipani on his Samadhi in the ashram. In front of Guru we see marble idol of Balaram, Sri Krishna and Sudhama with slate and chalk. The idols look very beautiful and attractive.

    Gomathikunda is the source of water to the Ashram. We see Shiva linga worshipped by Guru Sandhipani and nandi in standing posture, as a respect for guru.

  9. Mangalnath Temple:

    The temple is situated over a hillock near Sandipani Ashram on the banks of Shipra River in Ujjain.

    According to Matsya puranam it’s the birth place of planet Mars. We see Very old idol of God of earth Bhoodhevi here. Shiva is the main deity worshipped here. Everyone is allowed to enter inside the main sanctum. We see Ram instead of nandi in this temple.

  10. Siddhavat:

    Here we see a Banayan tree on the banks of Shipra River.

    The place has same importance as Akshyavat in Prayag, Panchavat in Nasik, Vanshivat in Vrindhavan, and Bodhivat in Gaya.

    We see a shiva moorthy under the tree which Parvathi worshipped during her penance. There is a Ganesha idol in the same place. We see Bala Hanuman sanctum near the entrance. There is a bathing ghat and people perform ceremony here for ancestors.

  11. Kala Bairavar:

    The temple of Kala Bairavar was built by the King Bhadrasen on the banks of Shipra. The temple is old and famous one.

    Here wine is poured in the mouth of kalabairavar which he drinks. We don’t see any hole in the mouth. It’s a miracle, which is unique feature of this place.Worship of Kalabairavar is believed to be a part of Kapalika and Aghora sect. Even today liquor is offered as a part of rituals to Kalabairavar and the liquor is given as Prasadam.

  12. Bada Ganapathy temple:

    The temple is situated near Mahakaleswar temple.

    There is a huge Ganesha statue and as you enter inside in the middle of the room we see Pancha mukha Hanuman idol. We can have the darshan of hanuman to four sides, in all four forms and by doing we come across Ganesha and Durga Matha.

  13. Navagraha Temple:

    The temple is situated on Triveni ghat of Sipra River. The temple is located 6 kms away from city to south on Sanwar road beside Shipra River.

    Importance: Here we see Sane Bhagawan in two forms one is called Bada Sani and the other one as two and half year Sani . Ganapathy is also seen along with them. Thil oil abishekam is performed here. As we go around the sanctum we come across Navagrahas in their respective sides. This place is known as Triveni Tirth.

  14. Sanieswaran temple:

    This temple is at Bhairam which is about 40 kms from Ujjain to Indore road. The temple is private owned, built with granite stone fully.

    Importance:All idols of Navagraha in the temple are of granite and they are huge in size. The idols are beautiful with sharp features. The navagrahas are placed in their respective directions. In the entrance we see Ganesha and Hanuman to either side of entrance. The idols are well decorated with flowers and beautiful to look at. The temple is neat and well maintained.

  15. Omkaraswarar:

    This is One of the 12 Jyothir Linga Temples.

    The temple stands on an island formed by the fork of Narmada River in the shape of holiest Hindu symbol OM. We have to cross the river to reach the temple that is on hill.

    Nandi here is spoilt due to the river water. The temple is constructed of soft stone with striking carvings. The roof of the shrine is intricately carved and enriching the shrines. We cross the hall with pillars carved with circles, polygons and squares.

    The main deity Omkareswarar is in Linga form which is coarse and shapeless. Goddess Parvathi is seen at the back of Shiva linga.

    To reach the place from Indore it is 75 kms by road, and by rail it is Omkareswarar road 12 kms on Ratlam-Kandwa of western railway.