Arulmigu Narashimar Temple: Singiri kudi / Abishekapakkam, Cuddalore district  

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Arulmigu Narashimar Temple: Singiri kudi / Abisheygapakkam, Cuddalore district .

The temple is about 16 kms from Cuddalore to Puducherry route.

The main Raja Gopuram of the temple is of five tiers.

We see Dwajasthambam as we enter into the temple.

Main Deity is huge Ugra Narashimar with sixteen hands facing west. He is holding weapons like Prayoga Chakkram, Sword known as ksheerika; Conch, Discuss, Armour, Bow and Arrow in his hands, and rest of his hand are used for samharm of Hirnyakasyub. To the left of Narashimar we see Hiranya kasayap wife Neelavathi. Prahaladha, Sukra and sage Vashista are also seen in the main sanctum.
To the right side in main sanctum, we see small yoga Narashimar and Bala Narashimar also. Three Narashimar gracing in single sanctum is something unique in this Singiri temple.

Kanakavalli Thayar in seen in separate sanctum.

Here Urchavar known as Prahala Varadhan, is seen with his consorts Sridevi and Bhoodevi.

Sthala Vruksham is Vilvam. There are five pushkarani for he temple They are Jamadagni, Indra, Brugu, Vamana and Garuda Teertham

Other deties seen in the temple as we go around the prkaram are Garuda, Ramar, 12 Azwars, Manavala Ma Munigal, Vishvaksenar, and Vishnu Durgai.

There is a separate sanctum for Anjaneyar.

Here we see Brindavanam for 4th jeeyar Swamigal of Ahobalam.


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Manakula Vinayakar temple of Puducherry.

We see a mandapam in front of the temple with sign board.

Main entrance of Vinayakar temple.

Main Deity of the temple is Vinayakar.

One side of hall where we see photos related to Ganesha is hanged to wall.

Sthala Vruksham is Vilwam and teertham is Well.

Importance of the temple is Vinayakar is rested on a peetam above the well. There is a small pit runs towards the left side which is full of water always. Here marriage festival is performed for Vinayakar. The Gopuram of main sanctum is of gold covering. We see Nardhana Vinayakar here. This is only Vinayakar temple with Palliari. (Retiring room) Vinayar idol that is taken inside the room has only feet portion.

A Siddhar named Tholaikasu Siddhar was devotee of this Vinayakar temple.


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Cheyyur : About 24 kms SE of Maduranthagam, the place Cheyyur is located.

As we enter we see Dwajasthambam.

We see the entrance to, inner sanctum.

Main Deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Somanadhar and his consort known as Meenakshi Ammai.

As we go around the sanctum we see to south west corner a sanctum for Lord Subramanian known as Mutthukumara swamy. He is also known as Samhara Moorthy.
To north side of the prakaram there is a sanctum for Sri Kandha Swamy in standing posture with Abahya hastham along with peacock and Vel. To his either side, we see Valli and Devani.

There are other deities like Vinayakar, Dakshina Moorthy and Channdikeswarar.

Purana says Boodha Ganagal of Lord Siva worshiped Lord Murugan of this place.

As we go around the prakaram we see different form of Lord Murugan. Boodha Ganangal is seen in the outer prakaram.

Nruthya Skandar.

Brahma Sastha

Bala Skandar


Pulinthar. (Hunter)

Arunagirinadhar sang Thirupugazh on Lord Murugan of this temple.

Sri Ramar Temple of Maduranthagam  

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Sri Ramar Temple of Maduranthagam.

Maduranthagam is about 77 kms to south of Chennai, 12 kms from Melmaruvathoor and about 23 kms from Chengalpet, in Kancheepuram District.

We see pushkarani in front of the temple

View of temple main Gopuram from inside.

As we enter inside we see Dwajasthambam and a mandapam leading us to main sanctum.

Main Deity is Karunakara Perumal in standing posture.
Urchavar, of this temple is known, as Karunakara Perumal / Periya Perumal.
We see deity of Sri Ramar, Seetha and Lakshmana in the main sanctum. Here Lord Sri Ramar is holding the hands of Seetha. Vipandaka Maharishi is seen worshiping Lord Rama inside the main sanctum.

Here, Thayar is seen in separate sanctum and known as Janakavalli Thayar. She is daughter of King Janaka, so she is known as Janakavalli.

Chakkrathazhwar is seen in separate sanctum. Yantrais installed here in this sanctum. Worshiping the Lord and yantra together gives good result. At the back of Chakrathazwar, we see Yoga Narashimar on serpant.

Sri Ramanujar was initated by Perriya Nambi, as mentioned in Pancharatra Sastra. Here in this temple Sri Ramanujar is seen in white dress.

The place is famous for a huge lake which would breach every year after the monsoon
rains, and farmers faced heavy loss. Collector Colonel Lionel tried to strengthen the lake boundaries, many a time but it was a failure. Once when English Collector, Colonel Lionel visited the temple, he was very much attracted by the temple built many decades ago. Temple authorities requested him to help them, with funds to construct a separate sanctum for Thayar.

Collector who was very much upset, by the collapse of tank’s waste weir, promised to build the shrine, if Goddess can stop the breach of tank during monsoon.

During the monsoon time when he camped at Maduranthangam, the tank was full to brim. In the night when he went to have a look at the Lake which was full, he saw Sri Rama and Lakshmana keeping guard of the tank. He felt happy and as assured he started the construction work of a separate sanctum for Goddess.

The Legend says in Bagularanyam, sage Vipandakar did penance and performed pooja to Lord Karunakaran. Sri Rama and Lakshmana stayed in this place for few days when they left for Vanavasam. Sri Rama promised to visit the place again on his return to Ayodhya. When he was returning by pushpaka Vimanam, he stopped and gave darshan to Vipandaka muni. Hence the place is known as Madhuranthakam.

There is a separate sanctum forAnjaneyar, near the Pushkarani which is opposite to the temple.

Thirumalai Vaiyavoor Temple.  

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Thirumalai Vaiyavoor:

The place is about 70 kms from Chennai and about 18 kms from Chengalpet. Buses for Vedanthaangal, from Chengalpet and Chennai pass through this place Thirumalai Vaiyavoore.

The temple is on a small hill. The place is also known as Dakshina Seshagiri.

Main deity is Varaahar. We see sanctum of Venkatesa perumal and Jaya Veera Anjaneyar. There is a separate sanctum for Alarmelmangai Thayar.

Teertham here is Varaha Pushkarani.

Purana says Asura king Hirnyakshan was troubling everyone and once he took the Bhoomandalam to Padala Lokha. Bhoodevi felt uneasy to breathe, and she worshiped Perumaal to help “Her”. Perumal took an Avathara of Varaaha and drowned, in the ocean to pierce till Padala lokham in search of Bhoodevi.

He killed Hiranyakshan and lifted the Bhoolokam with his Korai tooth from Padala Lokha and placed it in its original place. Bhoodevi felt happy and the Bhoomandalam flourished with blessings of perumal.

He returned to Paarkadal as Varaahar, where he was greeted by Devas. He turned back once, towards Bhoolokam and he was impressed and wanted to stay there. Perumaal conveyed his wish to Garuda, who took a garland and placed it on earth. Perumal stayed in that place has Varaaha Perumal and gave darshan for Garuda. The place came to be known as Vaikunda giri.

Pillar sculpture in the temple.

Adiseshan is bed for for Perumal to relax, so Perumaal wanted Adiseshan to join Him.
Adiseshan took the form of hill and the place was known as Dakshina Seshagiri.
Perumaal is residing here as Venkatavan to fulfil the wish of Adiseshan.

King Tondaimaan was ardent devotee of Perumaal. Once when king was worshiping Perumaal, enemy king sent a message of war against him. King Thondaiman was unable to take action immediately; he prayed to Perumaal to help him in this situation. Venkatavan wanted to help his devotee Thondaimaan. Sanku and Chakkra were sent by Lord to fight, against enemies, who left the battlefield in defeat. Thondaimaan Chakravarthyconstructed temple for Thiru Venkatavan in this place. Thondiman had darshan of Thiru Venkatavan and then onwards Lord was known as Prasanna Venkatesa perumaal.

When Hanuman was flying with Sanjeeve parvatham, he visited this place and he wanted to worship Venkatavan. His two hands were engaged, with his Gadha in a hand and Sanjeevi Parvatham in other hand. He threw them both high in the air and worshiped Venkatavan,and caught hold of them, while falling. The place was known as Malai Vaiypuri. Lakshmi Devi is also residing with Thirumaal hence it was named as Thirumalai Vaiyapuri. There is a separate sanctum for Jaya Veera Hanuman.

Vedapureeswarar Temple, Thiru kazhukundram, Kancheepuram district.  

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Thiru kazhukundram: Vedapureeswarar Temple.

The temple is about 16kms SE of Chengalpet, in Kancheepuram District. This is One of 275 Siva Devara Sthalam.

The temple Raja Gopuram is of nine tiers.

There is a 16 pillar mandapam seen with beautiful sculpture to the pillars.

The main shrine Vedagireeswarar is on top of a hill, which is regarded as Veda itself. There are about 500 steps to reach the top.

We see an arch and steps leading to the temple on hill top

Main deity here is Swayambu Lingam known as Vedagireeswarar and his consort Chokkamman.

Tazhakoil :

The temple has Raja gopuram to all four sides and three prakaram inside.

Main Deity is Swayambu Siva Lingam, known as Bakthavatchaleswarar, and his consort known as Thirupursundri Amman in different sanctum.

Goddess Tripurasundari is Swayambu deity, so abishekam is performed during selected 3 days in a year. Rest of the day’s abishekam is performed for Padam only.

Thiru Navukkarasar, Sundarar, Thiru Gyana Sambandhar and Manikkavachakar sang Hymns on Lord Siva of this place.

Importance of this place is Vedas represent themselves as a mountain. There are about 12 pushkarani around the mountain.

Plantain tree is Sthala Vruksham and Sanku Teertham is important.

View of the sanctums from hill top.

While climbing down we see the tree.

Importance: Markandeya Maharishi, when he came to this place, he wanted to perform abishekam and worship Lord Siva. He was worried because he did not have any vessel to get water for the abishekam. At that time a Valampuri Sanku appeared in Pushkarani and moved towards Markandeya Maharishi. He took the Sanku and with that, he performed abishekam for Lord Siva. The teertham was known as Markandeya Teertham. From that time, every 12th year a Valampuri Sanku appears in that Teertham. It is also known as Sanku Teertham. Valampuri Sanku forms only in Sea. They say bubbles form in the pushkarani before the Sanku appears and OMKARA sound is heard, and the Sanku apperars and floats in the pushkarani. This is taking place till now. Main Preist takes the new Sanku for abishekam, and the old one, is preserved in the temple.

Sthala purana says Indra worships Lord Siva in this place. Once in every 12 years he worships Lord Siva in the form of thunder. There is a hole in the Sanctum Vimanam through which the thunder enters and worship. No damage is caused due to the thunder that hits

Sundarar worshiped Lord Siva and sang Hymns. Lord Siva rewarded him Gold.
Koti Rudrar worshiped Vedagireeswar in this place.
Once in 12 years when the planet Jupitar (Guru) enters in Kanya Lagnam, Laksha Deepa festival is performed known as Pushpakara Mela.

Two sages named Pusha and vrudha penenced in this place to acquire eternity. They were blessed by Lord Siva. He told them they have to wait for getting eternity. Sages refused and they were cursed to become Eagle. The sages took birth as Eagle and were known as Sambu and Adi. They made a pushkarani known a Pakshi teertham. There is a stone near the pushkarani on which the prasadam was offered. The eagles used to worship, Lord Siva and used to have the prasadam as their food during 12 noon.

For past few years the eagles are not seen. So the place came to be known as Thiru Kazhukundram.

Agasthiyar, Indran, Rudrar koti, Sapthamadhar, Chandran, Sanakadi Muni, Nandi devar, Brahma, Markandeyar, Vasishtar, Viswamithrar and Vedas worshiped Lord Siva here and were blessed.

Govardhanadaari Temple. Bangalore.  

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Govardhanadaari Temple.

A Unique and beautiful cave temple, Designed, Developed and Dedicated to Krishna Devotees


His Holiness Sri Sri Sugunendra Teertha Swamiji, The 30th
Peetathipathi, in Jagadguru Sri Madvaachaarya Moola Maha Samasthaanam,
Sree Madhupendra Teertha peetam,
Sri Puthige Matt, Udipi.

The temple is on 5th Main road, Basavankudi, Banglore.

Vallakottai Murugan Temple. Kancheepuram District.  

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Vallakottai Murugan Temple:

The temple is in Kancheepuram district. The place is about 20kms west of Singaperumal koil, on Chennai – Vizhupuram National High way.

This is a very old temple of more than 1000years constructed by King Bageerathan, who was ruling Sankondpuram of Ilanji Kingdom.

The temple has main Raja Gopuram of five tiers with a big mandapam to front.

As we enter inside through the main door, we find a big Dwajasthambam

Main deity is Arulmigu Subramanya Swamy with Valli & Devasena. Arunagirinadhar sang Tirupugazh on Lord Murugan of this temple.

Here, the pushkarani of the temple is known as Vajra Teertham and Sthala Vruksham is Padiri tree.

Indara wanted to worship Lord Murugan. He approached his Guru Brahaspathyto guide him. Indra was asked to worship Lord Subramanya of Vallakottai by his Guru. Indra came to this place and he used his weapon Vajra to make a pond. He used the water from the pushkarani to worship Lord Subramanya. Hence the pushkarani is known as Indra Teertham and Vajra teertham.

There was a fort in which there was an Asura named Vallan. He was giving lot of trouble to Devas, who prayed to Lord Subramanya to help them. Lord Murugan killed the Asura. To fulfill the wish of Asura, Lord Murugan named the place as Vallan Kottai, which became Vallakottai over a period.

Sthala Purana says King Bageeratha was ruling Sankondapuram of Illanji Kingdom. Once when Sage Naradha visited his place he ignored him out of pride. Sage Naradha wanted to teach him a lesson. When he left the place he met asura named Koran who was celebrating his victory. Sage thought he can use Koran to teach a lesson for King Bageerathan. He addressed Koran and said your victory is nothing unless you defeat King Bageeratha. Koran waged war against Bageerathan King of Illangi. It was least expected, and Bageeradhan lost the battle and left the kingdom.

In the forest he met Sage Naradha, and begged for pardon. He asked him to guide, to get back his kingdom again. Sage Naradha asked him to meet Sage Durvasa and proceed according to his guidance. Sage Durvasa asked him to worship Lord Subramanya under the Padiri Tree on Fridays and get the blessing of Lord Murugan. King did as he was asked and he was blessed. King Bageeradha constructed a temple for Lord Subramanya in this place and the padiri tree is sthala Vruksham of the temple.

Arunagirinadhar was on visit to Murugan temples. After his visit to Thiru Porur he wanted to proceed to Thiruthani and rested for the night. In his dream Lord Subrananya said you have missed Vallakottai Murugan. Next day Arunagirinadhar visited Vallakotai Murugan and sang Thirupugazh on Lord Subramanya.